2. Fate must really hate me

(2 months later)

The 'Western ExecuTrain University' is a three-story horseshoe-shaped structure that encloses a large courtyard. In front, there are two medium-sized trees on either side of a sidewalk that leads up to the building's entrance. This university is one of the most prestigious in New York, and admission was not easy. But, thanks to Mathew, Scarlet's father, I was able to enroll here. A few students were milling about outside the building, with laughter and chatter filling the air.

“Are you ready?” Scarlet inquired, bouncing on her heels beside me in delight. With a smile on my lips, I looked at my best friend.

 “Are you ready, sweetheart?” Daddy inquired. I was hiding behind daddy's leg, overwhelmed by a large number of students my age. Some were crying, unable to leave their parents' side, while others appeared unconcerned. Scarlet's father was attempting to cheer up the crying Scarlet. To say I was nervous about our first day of preschool would be an understatement.

“Daddy, I don't want to go,” I said, looking up at him with saddened eyes.

He sat on his knees and rested his hands on my shoulders. “Don't be concerned. I guarantee you'll enjoy this location. Give it a shot, sweetie. So, what did I say-"

 “The secret to success is to never give up,” we said in unison.

 “That’s my girl” he kissed my forehead. “Besides Scarlet will be with you the whole time. So you won’t be alone. Always be there for each other okay?” 

Scarlet has been my best friend since I was a child. Her parents and mine were good friends, so we were naturally linked. We did everything together, and our friends and family in Worcester dubbed us the "two musketeers." Scarlet's father got a better job in New York when we were fourteen. Even though we were heartbroken that we couldn't see each other anymore, we continued to call each other on weekends and shared everything that had happened in our lives.

I can't deny that Scarlet was one of the reasons I came to New York. After my parents, she is the only person to whom I am particularly close.

“I'm nervous,” I told her, lightly chuckling. She hugged me and promised to be with me today as she didn't have any classes. Scarlet began her class last semester, and it was during that time that she met her boyfriend Andrew.


"Hey, Kitten!" someone called out from behind me. I rolled my eyes and shut my locker before turning around to face Andrew. My class ended five minutes ago, and I was packing up my belongings.

 ““What are you looking for?” I inquired, irritated. I was highly skeptical of him from the start. Andrew is a flirt, and he flirts with anyone who has a breast. I tried to warn Scarlet, but she's completely smitten with him. When Scarlet wasn't around, he even tried to seduce me. I was disgusted with him from that day forward. I can feel him undressing me with his eyes whenever he looks at me.

 “I will drop you at home” he offered.

 “No thank you. I’m heading to my workplace” 

 “Oh, then I will drop you there. I can't let my girlfriend's best friend take a cab when I'm available,” he smirked.

 “I’ll manage. After all, don't you have class in half an hour?” I inquired, recalling his schedule that Scarlet had shown me this morning.

 “Half an hour is plenty of time, kitten,” he said, throwing his arm around my shoulder. I shrugged his hand away from my shoulder and stepped away.

“As I said, I'll manage,” I said as I walked away from him with a tight-lipped smile. I despise the way he talks and don't even get me started on the nickname he calls me when Scar isn't around. I swear he'll get himself into trouble one day. I'm just hoping he doesn't drag me along for the ride.


Evenings at 'Petit Monde,' the cafe where I work, are always busy, but today was especially stressful because one of the employees was on leave and I had to manage his table as well. I was already tired and my feet were aching from the high heels. I didn't like the heels that were part of the uniform here, but I can't exactly complain to my boss about it, can I?

 “May I take your order?” I asked, holding my pen and notebook. 

 “A plate of waffles for this little princess here” a lady ordered. I smiled at her cute daughter who looks around 4 or 5 years old. 

 “Is that all, ma’am?” I asked.

 “Oh, can you please give me a glass of wine right now?” 

“Sure,” I replied, returning to the kitchen to fill a glass of red wine before going back to the table. However, on the way, a mischievous boy stuck his leg out, causing me to stumble on my heels. The wine in the glass I was carrying spilled out, and I let out a small screech.

In horror, I looked up to see a young man glaring at me, red wine spilled all over his expensive-looking suit. His tablemates, who were all dressed similarly in expensive suits and watches, had a horrified expression on their faces. Uh-Oh! He got out of his chair and, man, he's tall. I can barely reach his chest, which is terrifying in and of itself.

 “Watch where you are going” the young man spat out, his fist clenched.

 “I’m so sorry sir, I’ll clean up the shirt for you” I apologized quickly. People around us started staring at our little commotion and I wasn’t comfortable with the attention.

 “Call your manager” he gritted out.

“But sir, I can-”

“I don't want to speak with you. “Call your manager,” he said loudly, and I took a step back, a little intimidated by his authoritative tone. My gaze falls to the floor, and I nod, my hands trembling slightly.

I waited near the corner, nervously biting my nails, while my manager spoke with that man. I'm still not sure why he's making such a big deal about it. I apologized several times to him and even offered to clean his shirt. It's not as if I did it on purpose. But he isn't even willing to listen to me. What a jerk.

 After ten minutes, my manager returned back. “So?” I asked, crossing my fingers tightly.

 “I’m sorry, you’re fired,” he said and my mouth opened in shock. F-Fired?

 “What-Why?” I spluttered out still in shock. Just because I spilled wine on him, accidentally mind that, I’m fired?

 “He precisely asked me to fire you for your substandard behavior”

 “It was a mistake. I apologized to him”

 “I did my best to convince him. But…” he shrugged his shoulder. 

 “Please don’t fire me. I will be extra careful next time” I begged. It wasn’t easy to get a job in New York and when I got it, I’m fired? Fate must really hate me. 

“He is a regular customer with a lot of clouts. I don't want to jeopardize my business because of you if he finds out I disobeyed him. He's not very good in these matters,” my manager said.

 “B-But, please-”

 “Please leave. I’ll settle your salary right now” he said and left. I let out a sigh in disbelief.

My perplexity quickly turned to rage as I received pity looks from my coworkers. I was fuming with rage by the time I changed back into my regular clothes. I couldn't believe that man had gotten me fired. What the hell is going on?

I went up to that young man, who was still enraged after my payment was settled. As soon as I got close to him, he looked up at me. Anyway, I got fired, so I might as well give him a piece of my mind.

 “Thank you so much for getting me fired. I really appreciate it” I said to him sarcastically. He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms in front of his chest.

 “You deserve it. Your silly mistakes can ruin this restaurant’s reputation” he said shrugging his shoulders. 

 “Deserve?” I said in astonishment. “Listen here asshole, I said it was an accident. But it appears that your thick-headed brain does not comprehend.”

 “Mind your language miss,” he said, a vein on his temple bulging out. 

“You are an asshole,” I said, and I did something I would later regret. I snatched a bowl of pasta from his table and threw it on his head. Everyone was staring at me in horror, and that man had his eyes closed and his fist clenched. I dashed out of the restaurant before he could do anything to me.

 I kept running, and it wasn't until I was a good distance away from the restaurant that I slowed down and began laughing. Is that what I did? When the hell did I become so ferocious? I couldn't believe I'd done it. It was an unfamiliar action for me, but it made me happy.


 “Oh my god” Scarlet started laughing so hard as soon as I finished telling today’s incident.

 “Oh, I wish I was there to see that,” she said, still laughing. 

 “I kinda feel bad for him,” I said, chuckling.

 “Well, he deserved it. You lost your job because of him,” she said, huffing. I nodded my head, agreeing with her.

“Now put your worries aside and eat your food. I see you haven't eaten anything since getting home from work.” She said this as she handed me a plate of scrambled eggs and toasted bread. My stomach grumbled, and I dug in with a toothy grin.

(Two days later)

“Karrie,” I heard the distant voice of Scarlet from afar which made me turn around. I waited for her to catch up before walking towards the last class we have for the day.

“Did you hear about the club party that Queen Bee is hosting tonight?” She asked me while catching her breath.

“You mean Queen Bee as in Melissa? Yeah, I did, what about that?” I asked her having a slight idea of where this conversation was heading.

“Aren’t you coming?” She asked me with expectations evident in her eyes.

“Umm... No, I guess I'll pass.” I replied with little interest.

“But why? Aren’t you interested in coming? I know you haven't been to a club before. So this is the chance, Karrie.” I made a face that clearly showed my reluctance.

“Look, I know what you’re afraid of but I promise you it won't happen. You're safe, trust me,” she said with determination in her eyes. 


“You’re coming. Period” she said before leaving me dumbfounded in the middle of the hallway.

Huh? What have I gotten myself into now?

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