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“Tyler Brooke, do you take Miss Becky Smith as your lawfully wedded wife?” “Yes, I do” I replied so firmly with a smile on my face. “And do you, Miss Becky Smith, do you take Tyler Brooke, as your lawfully wedded husband?” One minute, two, and some more minutes passed as she looked around. I wasn’t worried because i knew she had no choice, this wedding had to happen or she would lose everything. Becky's father asked her to get married to their gardener — a gardener she hired by herself to tend to the garden in her father's mansion. Of course, you wouldn't expect a classy woman like her, who has eyes for wealthy men, to accept a classless gardener as her husband, especially when she already has a fiancé. But what happens when her father uses her love for money against her by taking all her assets, putting her in a tight spot and leaving her with only one choice — to marry the poor gardener. What happens when she realizes that this poor gardener had a secret that could either make or destroy her marriage to him? She hates him, but he isn't ready to let her go. Will they be able to stand the test of time, or will they be overwhelmed by the dangers that lurked at every turn they took?

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Ibk 456
This is brilliant. I love this but please do me a favor. let her regret her actions towards him because she is freaking annoying. expecting more updates.
2024-02-04 18:12:10
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Bravo! love it
2024-02-01 00:57:24
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G.A Shinaade
Nice work author! It's an interesting read. I can't wait for more chapters. Excited to see how this story develops
2023-11-29 18:36:00
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Jenny Smith
A very interesting book, keep updating author
2023-11-26 00:22:35
user avatar
Tony Stiles
very interesting, can't wait for more chapters......
2023-11-25 23:02:46
102 Chapters
001 " Who does he think he is?"
Becky's POV“I don't understand what you're saying, Father. Can you explain better?” I asked as I arranged myself properly on my seat with a funny look on my face. Father was sitting next to me, while my gardener sat opposite us with a glass of wine in front of him. They were both having a drink when I stepped in, only for Father to ask me to join them. I refused, but he insisted, and I wished I had not sat with them. “Becky, he may not be so rich, but trust me, he is a good and honest man” I paused as I looked at the good and honest man in front of me, then chuckled before I clapped my hands together in amusement. Was Father serious right now?“Father, take a look at me” I stood up and moved to the side, “I mean, look at me properly from my head to my toes, do I look like someone who's born to marry a poor gardener?” I didn't wait for Father's reply when I turned to the man, my fucking gardener,“You're not afraid, huh?” I asked him, boiling in anger already. This is a shame to my
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002 "Can We Get Married now?"
Becky's POV“Hey baby” I rushed to Ephraim and gave him a hug. He hummed before pulling me from himself and capturing my lips with his. I moaned in his mouth, he is always so good at this, and I've missed him so much that I got lost in his warmth. We were at the club and Ephraim, as always, was looking good with his hair rough and curly that my fingers found their way to it and raked it. He looked refreshed and energized. When I finally broke the kiss, I asked, “You're looking good. Did you go home to freshen up?” I asked him as we both made our way to a table. His friends were all seated around the table, they all had their girls with them. Ephraim ordered drinks for us all before asking, “What's the old man saying? He wants to give you to someone else?” I nodded as I picked up a bottle of liquor and poured him a drink. By the way, his hand tightened around my waist, I could tell he was angry with my reply, but he was trying to not show it. “Don't worry, I've told him that it w
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003 "Get the guards to throw him out!"
Becky's POVI stood in front of my father's coffin as I cried. It's been a week and I still can't believe that my father, Mr. Smith Jones, is dead. What hurt the most was the fact that we had had an argument before his death. His driver, Clinton, had even made a comment that he was angrily going to work that morning when his car collided with another. He had refused to let Clinton drive because he was angry I didn't come back home that night. I had spent the night with Ephraim without letting him know. I felt so guilty and pained, my heart ached so much, I just wished I could rewind time. Father's partners had come to visit one after the other, others sent their condolences. It was too heartbreaking and painful. One minute, he was alive and the next we heard he was dead. When I rushed to the hospital, I saw my father being rolled away. I had cried my eyes out that day that I can't remember much about what happened except that I had cried. And then, that idiot gardener came to the h
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004. "That Will is fake!"
Becky's POV“Attorney Collins, what's the meaning of this?” I asked as I stood to my feet. I watched the imbecile walk over to where we stood, a look that one would think innocent. He was dressed better today, at least. He looked like he would need more than guards to know his limit.“Mr gardener, are you deaf? Didn't you hear what I said back at the hospital? I do not want to see you anywhere close to me. What the hell is your fucking problem?!?” He didn't say anything but moved his eyes from me to the lawyer as if I had just spoken nonsense. Is this man being serious?“I'm sorry Becky, but until he is here, I am not allowed to read the will” “What kind of stupid rule is that?” I yelled. Before I could ask the idiot to leave, Ephraim had already begun to push him out with strength and anger. “Miss Becky, you should know that this man isn't supposed to be here too,” the lawyer said the minute he saw Ephraim dragging the gardener out. “He is my future husband!” “Who was not recogn
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005. The Vow.
Tyler's POV“Tyler Brooke, do you take Miss Becky Smith as your lawfully wedded wife?” “Yes, I do” I replied so firmly with a smile on my face.“And do you, Miss Becky Smith, do you take Tyler Brooke, as your lawfully wedded husband?” One minute, two, and some more minutes passed as she looked around. I had no fear because I knew she was going to accept no matter what. Her father had placed her in a tight corner, she just could not refuse.According to my personal assistant Simon, he had given me the information of why the Smith family lawyer needed me there before he read the will. Mr. Smith had placed almost everything in the hands of both Becky and I. It was really funny how he knew his daughter very well. She will only agree to this marriage if all that rightfully belongs to her is taken away from her. “I do,” she finally responded. Even though I was sure she would agree to it, I still released breaths I didn't know I was holding. “With the power vested in me, I now pronounce y
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006. "You thought I was being harsh? This is the beginning of your troubles."
Tyler's POVAs much as I had gotten what I had really wanted and Becky had already been made my wife, I had a very big dilemma; getting her to love me. I could visibly see the coldness in her eyes and the look of disdain she addressed me with anytime I tried to make a romantic move towards her. I was on top of the moon and I suddenly felt being dragged to the dark depths of hell.The coldness and the hatred was so much that we slept in different rooms on our wedding night. I wanted to win her heart so badly, but I didn't know how to go about it. I devised some romantic plans to help her swing to my side. I decided to carry out my plan the next day.As early as six, I stepped out of bed and headed to the kitchen downstairs. I could hear the clattering of plates and utensils as Alicia, the chef, was busy."Alicia, you're relieved of your duty today." It was if she was jolted back to life from a long trance by a megavolt of electricity. She spun around and almost lost balance in the proce
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007. "What can I do to win this girl? Why is the hatred so much? I don't really understand this love of a thing any longer"
Tyler's POVI sat in the master bedroom and speaking to someone. "Nah, I wouldn't let her words get to me, she's probably just frustrated and tired from yesterday" I looked around and realized I had been speaking to myself all along.I heard the master door of the mansion unbolt and I rushed outside to see who it was. It turned out it was my baby."Babe, where are you headed to" I asked, curious.She didn't even as much as flinch as if it was a ghost whisper across the room. I thought she didn't hear me and I repeated the question. With a cold look, she turned to me and replied."I'm going out sir" with a tone laced in sarcasm."If I may ask, where are you heading to?" With a voice more subjective than authoritative. She turned and still didn't say a word. I rushed to the dining table and motioned to her. "I made your favorite; apple pie and double brewed tea, the table is set, just waiting for you."She looked at the table and her cold stare suddenly broke into a thin smile that grew
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008. “You claimed you love me, but then, you got married to another man, stating that it was an arranged marriage, you cut off all communications with me…”
Becky's POV I was amazed at Tyler’s frustration level and I didn’t know what to do with his matter. While I get ready for work, I heard a light tap on the door to the room. I knew who it was. I opened it; and the filthy gardener came in.“Hello there, how was your night?” I looked at him.“It is none of your concern, bro.” His face became crossed and I knew he might burst any moment. I was expecting any reaction and I was ready to give him back in his own coin. “I really do not know what is wrong; all I have done is try to make you happy and to make you feel loved but all I’ve ever experienced with you was sadness and wave after wave of insults and emotional degradation.“Well, that is what you deserve for intruding into my life.” He looked away and responded “I’ve heard the word intruding into my life over a million times in the past two weeks. I’ve heard it so much that I thought my second name is almost Intrusion”I was about to burst into another long lecture of harsh tongue – la
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009. "Even without telling you, you know I miss you.” He took me to his room, threw me on the bed and........
Becky's POVWhen Ephraim stormed out of my office, I was left in a pool of decisions. I wasn’t sure if I was doing the right thing, not that I cared less for Tyler, but I was just bothered about the family name. Grandma Smith would have me slaughtered with a pencil if she caught wind of what I wanted to do; it’s not like the other family members cared about her. I decided that I would close for work and go make my decision at home.The mergers meeting had ended and Mr. Clarke was in my office, ready to make some finishing touches and to renew the contract he had before my father’s death.The phone screen came alive, someone was trying to initiate video call and when I saw that it was Tyler, I almost threw the phone off the office table. The call ended and the phone started ringing again. I was ready to give him the tongue lashing of his life when I realized the new caller was my Grandma, Grandma Smith. Taking a deep breath, I pressed the green button.“Hello, my precious daughter, how
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010. "I couldn’t even bring myself to replay what I had done to the innocent girl two hours ago.....
Tyler's POVThe informant had just given me information with proof that she had actually went to visit her ex – boyfriend. I was infuriated, angry and disappointed at the same time. I felt like he had not been doing enough and also angry that my beloved wife left me for her ex-boyfriend. I really wanted to believe that it wasn’t true. Maybe, she went on business at that same estate. It was a big place after all.He waited for all night and she didn’t come home, confirming my suspicion. I couldn’t sleep, pacing in and around the mansion and didn’t even know what to do. I picked up the phone and called her, but she kept on bouncing the calls.The next day was a Saturday and she still wasn’t home. I decided not to call anybody as I didn’t want any more complications. I picked up my phone and called her best friend, Ann.“Hello… How are you?”“Hi there” her voice boomed from the other side of the phone.“I’m calling in regards to Becky. Do you know where she has been? I’ve been trying to
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