Chapter 1152 Do You Fancy Her?

Liang Xinwei brought Gu Nian to a seat.

“Please have a seat. I’ll go talk to my manager.”

Liang Xinwei turned to leave, but Gu Nian suddenly grabbed her hand.

She turned back, her gaze falling toward the hand holding her wrist and she frowned slightly.

Gu Nian realized that his actions might have been too abrupt, and he quickly retracted his hand. He smiled awkwardly. “I just wanted to ask if it would interrupt your work?”

“No, I’m just about to change shifts right about now.”

Liang Xinwei smiled at him, then strode toward the counter.

“Is that your boyfriend?” her colleague asked curiously.

Liang Xinwei smiled and shook her head. “No, just a regular friend.”

“Are you sure?” Her colleague did not believe her. “He’s been watching you. Is he really just a regular friend?”

Liang Xinwei turned back to look at Gu Nian. Gu Nian saw it and nodded politely.

“Don’t overthink it. He’s just a friend.”

Liang Xinwei looked around. “Where is the manager?”

“In the back.”

Liang Xinwei wa
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