Chapter 1172: Is This Not Chairman Jin?

“I’m not defending her, but you’ve really gone too far.”

Ye Chenyun was really angry. He had no way of accepting that his sister was such a disagreeable person.

“How have I gone too far?” Ye Xiaoyi laughed despite her anger. “What did I say that was wrong? Was she really not careless in her work?”


Ye Chenyun wanted to say something else, but at that moment, Liang Xinwei finally interrupted, no longer able to bear it. “Enough!”

Everyone was shocked and they all looked at her.

Liang Xinwei took a deep breath. “Ms. Ye, since you’ve said all of this today, I need to set the record straight. My relationship with Mr. Fang is not like what you think it is. We’re just friends, simple as that. As for your brother, he was my sister’s friend. I hope that you won’t slander me so casually next time. Yes, I am a single mother, but I’ve never done anything immoral.”

After that, she turned to bow at her manager. “Manager, what happened today was my fault, and I’m willing to resign t
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