Chapter 1175: The Care Of A Man For A Woman

That night, Jin Fengyao returned home to find Fang Yuchen there. He was very surprised.

“Yuchen, why are you here?”

Fang Yuchen smiled slightly, “I came to see Sese, and also to tell her we’ve got news of your brother.”

“News about my brother?” Jin Fengyao was very pleasantly surprised, “Are you for real?”

“Yes.” Jiang Sese replied. She continued, “Yuchen wants to talk to you about how to rescue Fengchen.”

Jin Fengyao rushed over to sit with them, “Tell me then, where is he now?”

“Country J.”

When Jin Fengyao heard this, he smiled. “Our guess was correct then.”

“Yeah.” Fang Yuchen nodded. “The people I sent to shadow Shangguan Qian managed to get a photo of your brother.”

He pulled out his phone, selected the photo, and handed it over.

Jin Fengyao took the phone and gave it a good look. His eyebrows furrowed, “That is indeed my brother, but why was it so easy to take this picture?”

Jiang Sese gave him a look when he asked this, “Fengyao, what do you mean? Did you
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