Chapter 1178: He Can Only Belong To Her In This Life

When Jiang Sese and the others left, Shangguan Qian sat for a long while in the living room before he got up and went upstairs.

He entered the study, and pulled out his phone to call Shangguan Yuan who was far away in Country J.

As soon as the call connected, he said, “Grandma won’t make it. If you still consider her your family, come back and see her.”

After he said that, he did not wait for a reply. He immediately hung up.

He gripped the phone tightly in his hand, and his eyes narrowed as they gave off a resolute glint in them.

This time, no matter what, he had to make her come back to the Capital.

Shangguan Yuan put down the phone, and frowned deeply.

“What’s wrong?” Li Ji noticed her mood seem to sink considerably after taking the call. He hurriedly asked out of concern.

Shangguan Yuan shook her head, “Nothing.”

“Are you sure?” Li Ji did not believe her.

Because her expression did not seem like someone who was okay.

“Dad.” Shangguan Yuan bit her lip, “I wou
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