Chapter 1445 Could This Be A Trap

"Daddy, Mommy!"

Tiantian pounced into Jiang Sese's arms.

Tiantian, who just took a shower, had a sweet milky scent on her body.

“Were you a good girl? Did you finish your food today?” Jiang Sese asked after helping her tidy up her pajamas.

“Yes, I also drank two bowls of soup." Tiantian put up two fingers.

Jiang Sese smiled pleasantly. “That’s awesome.”

She then looked at Xiaobao. "What about you? Have you finished your homework?"

"It's all done. I have also finished reading the books that I did not finish previously.”

The fact was, she knew she did not need to check up on Xiaobao and knew that this well-behaved and sensible boy would complete his tasks.

“All right, then you can play for a little while more before going to bed.”


The two children replied in unison and headed back to the playroom.

She watched them with gentle eyes.

Jiang Sese could not help but sigh. “I really hope that we can live out our days this peacefully.”

Jin Fengchen held onto her shoulders.
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