Chapter 1452 Heart Incessantly Pounding

Jin Fengyao did not say anything more when he saw that his brother did not mind.

As he turned to leave, he suddenly remembered something. He paused and turned to look at Jin Fengchen who had gotten back to work.

“Bro, didn’t sister in law make an appointment with you to go for a check up today?”

Jin Fengchen looked up, “Yeah, why?”

Sese had made an appointment with him two days ago to go to Mo Xie today for a physical check up.

“It’s nothing, I just thought you forgot.”

This was far more important than the JR Group.

Jin Fengchen looked at his watch, and he smiled, “It’s time.”

As he said that, he got up. “I’m heading out. I’ll leave the company to you.”

“Don’t worry, bro.”

Jin Fengyao smiled and left the office with him.

Jin Fengchen walked into Jiang Sese’s office. When she saw him, Jiang Sese who had been busy all morning suddenly remembered the physical.

“I almost forgot.” Jiang Sese said with a helpless smile as she tidied up.

Jin Fengchen smiled back, “No
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