Chapter 1449 Destroy Bit By Bit

“The background of JR Group is not simple, my advice is not to cooperate with them. "Ying Tian said again.

Jin Fengchen frowned, "Be specific."

"At the beginning, some foreign companies used the project's concessions to entice many companies to cooperate. This is basically a poisoned chalice. It looks attractive, but it contains poison. There are quite a few companies that have been deceived and led to bankruptcy."

"But what does this have to do with the JR Group?" Jin Fengyao asked wonderingly.

"Second Young Master, don't you find that this is very similar to the way JR proposed their cooperation with us?" Ying Tian asked instead.

"It really looks like it." Jin Fengyao nodded, "JR gave us a big concession."

"That's right." Ying Tian looked at Jin Fengchen, and said with a serious expression, "Young Master, the JR Group and foreign companies have the same routines. To be cautious, we still shouldn’t cooperate with the JR Group."

Jin Fengyao thought for a while, and asked, "Could
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