Chapter 1456 You Cannot Judge A Book By Its Cover

“For some people, profit may even outrank their lives in importance.”

Jin Fengchen had just spoken, when the door to the office was opened and Gu Nian rushed in.

“Young Master, we found something.”

When Jin Fengyao heard this, he asked in excitement, “Have you found the mole?”

Gu Nian turned to him, “We only found suspicious circumstances, we still cannot confirm the person is a mole.”

“Who?” Jin Fengchen asked.

“Li Mingzhe. He’s an employee at the research and development department.”

“Li Mingzhe?” Jin Fengyao frowned. “I think I saw him a few times. He seems quite honest, and nothing like a person who would sell out the company.”

“Second Young Master, you cannot judge a book by its cover.”

In Gu Nian’s view, a person who seemed honest was not necessarily honest.

Jin Fengyao arched his eyebrows, “What did you find out then?”

“While Li Mingzhe looks like an honest person who has no vices, you may not be able to imagine that he owes more than ten million in foreign
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