Chapter 1463 Staking Her Claim

“Jiang Sese thought about it and said, "Li Xi is here at this time, so she should want to talk to you about cooperation."

Jin Fengchen looked at her without speaking.

Jiang Sese pursed her lips and asked directly, "Will you agree to cooperate with her?"

"What’s your thought process?"

"What I think is that after this incident, the possibility of you and Li Xi cooperating will become more likely.”

Given the Jin Group’s current situation, it really needed a strong partner, so that it can reassure other business partners.

Jin Fengchen chuckled lightly, "It is true. However, I will still consider it carefully and will not easily agree to cooperation."

"I feel that Li Xi is a bit mysterious, so we must be very cautious." Jiang Sese really did not like Li Xi.

She always felt that Li Xi was too cold, and it gave people a funny feeling.


Jin Fengchen got up and walked to her, took her hand, and asked softly, "Are you coming with me?"

"Can I?" Jiang Sese was afraid that she w
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