Chapter 244 Kneeling on One Knee

A curious Jiang Sese responded by asking where he wanted to take her.

Jin Fengchen mysteriously replied, "You'll find out when you arrive."

She had no choice but to agree.

Ever since she had won the Eisley contract, she didn't even have time for herself. Time passed so quickly that it was soon 2 days later.

Jiang Sese had informed Su Shan beforehand that she would be leaving work early.

She saw Jin Fengchen's car waiting outside the building the moment she came down.

Jin Fengchen, being a gentleman as always, exited the car when he saw her walking over and helped her open the door. He placed his hand against the frame of the door, helping her get in without knocking her head.

Jiang Sese glanced at the passenger seat but saw no sign of Xiaobao. She didn't think too hard about his absence.

She thought that they were going to pick the little boy up.

However, by the time she realized what was going on, the car was already speeding down the highway.

Surprised, she asked, "Fengchen
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