Chapter 251 He Was Afraid of Losing Her

Su Qingyin finally snapped back to her senses when she saw Jin Fengchen running down the slope.

She was so terrified that she grabbed Wei Ziheng's arm. "What do I do? I didn't want her to die…"

Wei Ziheng, feeling both anxious and afraid, could only console her a little before leading her back to the campsite.

They staggered during the entire journey back. By the time they rushed back to the camp, they were already in a pitiful state.

The rest of the search party had also returned.

They sighed in relief when they saw that Su Qingyin had returned in one piece.

What mattered was that she was fine.

To their surprise, Wei Ziheng was already shouting before he even got near, "There's been a terrible accident! Miss Jiang fell down a slope and President Jin has gone after her!"


That was as good as a declaration of death.

The young masters, who had never faced such trouble, were frightened out of their wits.

They heard Wei Ziheng continue to say, "Let's find a rope. It shoul
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Samantha Thompson
The story is going in circles again.. -_-
goodnovel comment avatar
Estelle Britz Niem
It's time that the bitch pay the price. she can not claime "it's an accident" every time! Firt pushing our girl infront of a car and now off a slope! time to send her to jail for attempted murder!
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Kay-Tiana Harris
please upload chapters asap pls, sitting in suspense here!

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