Chapter 245 Proposal

Inside the case was a ring.

The ring that Jin Fengchen had carefully picked out dazzled under the hazy moonlight,

Jiang Sese's jaw nearly dropped from the shock. She couldn't believe that he would propose to her out of the blue.

She could still vividly remember how he had used a tab to propose to her.

"Miss Jiang Sese, will you marry Jin Fengchen? That would be me," Jin Fengchen asked. He looked a little nervous. His voice, when proposing to her, sounded a little hoarse.

Jiang Sese felt helpless as she stared at the man who continued to kneel on one knee in front of her.

"This is too sudden…"

She wasn't at all prepared for this.

Besides, she had just decided to start dating him.

The tab proposal earlier could be played off as a joke, but this was a proper proposal ring!

Jin Fengchen looked so earnest as he proposed to her.

She remained in a daze for a long time. Finally, she hemmed and hawed, saying, "I…" Still, she couldn't find any words to respond to him.

Xiaobao looked
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