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Unknown to Emily she was born into a world of Vampires, werewolves and witches as the being destined to restore peace between them by possessing the three powers. Enters the drop dead gorgeous deliciously sexy hybrid who killed almost everyone dear to her, turned her into a shadow of herself and Seduced her soul unconsciously until she became a conscious mess. Still she couldn't stop herself from drowning in his deep blue eyes without a care given if he was the devil himself.

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Beauty story plot..... can't wait for the next episode!!!
2021-12-18 05:17:20
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Blessing Monica N.
Nice Book.. Keep it up Author 💙⭐
2021-07-13 00:48:30
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A. O. Anjay
I love this! Definitely going to continue reading it💞💞💞
2021-07-13 00:24:42
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Such a good and interesting book to read keep up the good work author!
2021-07-12 18:51:27
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Liz Salvadore
Amazing... Keep going! Immense potential 👌👌👍👍
2021-07-12 17:37:50
default avatar
Beautiful and captivating
2021-07-12 17:31:07
user avatar
Alessandra Oise
Totally love this! Can't wait for the remaining episodes 😍🔥
2021-07-12 16:29:31
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Oguh Susan
The creativity is superb ❣️
2021-07-12 02:52:51
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Is it just me or i love vampire lusts... Great work author😍😍😍
2021-07-11 03:02:22
user avatar
Amazing read Keep it up
2021-07-11 00:50:59
user avatar
Interesting! Really curious to read other chapters
2021-07-09 00:25:35
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Interesting and captivating.
2021-07-12 18:40:40
user avatar
Little baby
Wow this is❣️❣️❣️❣️😻
2021-07-13 00:59:30
23 Chapters
"Emily Emily Emily" a voice softly called out to the very dreamy Emily. Sighing in frustration Emily's mum, Abby Kent did the next possible thing she could to wake her daughter up. "Since you've decided to sleep your first day back in school away, I have no other choice" She murmured staring at the sleeping face of her Precious daughter. She then proceeded downstairs to the refrigerator and brought out a glass of very cold water. smiling, she walked back into her daughter's room and was ready to pour the water on the sleeping beauty when her daughter jumped up from the bed laughing. This made a very frightened Abby  drop the glass which was caught just in time by her mischievous daughter. "Oh my God! Emily, you scared the hell out of me. What were you thinking?" Abby screamed exasperated. Smiling sheepishly, Emily hugged her mum. "Common mum, were you really going to pour water o
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Twenty four hours earlier: "Seriously Jake you're not thinking of going back to high school. Jen asked starring daggers at her brother. "There's no need yelling Jen" The last of the triplet Joshua said as he entered the large well arranged sitting room. The room which held so much memories for his family. "His rules remember? He's not going to change it anytime soon and as much as it pisses me off we have to deal with it. Don't we Jake?"  Jake hadn't said a word since the conversation started. Actually he never said anything and when he actually spoke it was always short and dismissing. Being the first of the triplets, he had always felt the need to protect them and he wished t
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"Ni.... Emily called as she grabbed her books I'll meet you at the next class. Right now I've got to find Nate. I'm having a bad feeling about him not being in class." "Oh common he's probably banging some poor helpless chick." Nina replied. "Seriously Ni not now. Just save a seat for me." Emily said as she walked towards the door in a hurry bumping into someone. "Oh God I'm so sorry I didn't see...." Emily was saying when she raised up her head to see who it was. Mystery guy. She became instantly tongue tied. "Ok..." Jake said "if you're just going to stand there like a statue, could you at least move?"
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"Thank God you're okay" Emilys mum Abby wrapped her daughter in her hands and wanted to never let go.  Emily struggling to breath due to the tightness of her mum's arm finally  pulled out and exhaled swiftly. "I was worried sick about you Emily. We all wondered were you had gone to when we searched the whole school and couldn't find you. After Nate was taken to the hospital Nina said she couldn't find you so she drove your car home. Your dad has gone out searching for you" Abby said breathless. "Where have you been?" Abby asked scanning her daughters face while crying and smiling at the same time. "Seriously mum one question at a time. I'm fine, alive and well. Now I'm sure a steamy bath will do me a lot of good" Emily replied not wanting to get i
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"You do know you're the only one who can go in right?" Josh asked. "Yeah that's why you and Jen would be on the lookout for that bastard." Jake replied scanning the environment.Jen who was driving spotted a place and parked. She was tired of hearing the boys talk about their very boring plan."Jeez!! For a school night boy is this place full." Jen said trying to change the topic."Yeah children these days prefer to party away. If only they were alive in the eighties" Josh replied.Sighing Jake got out of the car. "You two stay focused. Jen no feeding on random people and Josh we're here to nail a monster and hopefully find who we're looking for. In other words don't get carried away" Jake casually warned walking away. ************"How did they manage to sneak in so much alcohol?" Emily asked a half
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"Please tell me why on earth Emily chose you to play bodyguard out of all the gorgeous drop dead delicious hunks here" Nina protested as Chester clearly amused tried to take her into a room."Well maybe because I was the only one charming enough to come to your rescue" He boasted."Oh please, spare me" Nina rolled her eyes and tried to slip away but Chester was ready as he blocked her from moving."Leave me alone you creepy guy" Nina giggled."Well I would but Emily will kill me. Now can you please shut up and go into the room? You need to sleep off the alcohol" he insisted."Fine. Whatever" Nina allowed herself to be carried into the room and he placed her on the bed. Immediately her head hit the pillows, she snored like a well fed pig. Chuckling, Chester took another picture. He was so going to love the look on her face when she woke up to her face in everyone's phone.
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Josh and Jen were on their way back after getting a call from Jake. Jen drove so that gave Josh the opportunity to really think.  All he could think of was, how the hell did Jake find the girl? Who was she? His mind was in so much turmoil he didn't even hear Jen call out to him until she punched him real hard. "Ouch! what the hell is your problem Jen?" "Well maybe you shouldn't zone out on me again" She replied sarcastically. "Well what do you want?" He asked clearly irritated. "Whoa Little Miss Sunshine is pulling a face. I've not seen you like this since Clara.....  
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"Abby? Abby!" Brena called out to her friend who had been in a deep state of confusion since they had found out Emily was missing. "Sorry B, I was thinking" Abby replied unable to stop the tears from falling from her eyes. This was the second time in a day her daughter had gone missing. It was definitely no coincidence she thought to herself. "What do you plan on doing now? We really need to do something to protect Emily. she doesn't deserve this" Brenda said worried about her God daughter. "I know Brena, I know. Since Emily's first day of school I've been having this unusual feeling like something is wrong. I can't even tell it to Michael. Brena, right now the feeling is heightened, I need to know my baby is alright. I haven't felt this way since the beast......" "Oh my God!" she screamed, looking at a very confused Brena. "Oh my God" she repeated. "He's back, he's back" She began to
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She heard someone scream her name. In her mind, It sounded near and distant at the same time. It didn't make any sense to her but all she wanted to do was sleep. Can't a girl just sleep? She asked herself struggling to open her eyes. There was a person standing at the foot of her bed and staring. She couldn't quite figure out the face until she forced her eyes open and screamed. "Chester? What the hell is wrong with you?" "Finally the queen is up" Chester replied clearly amused. Nina was about to comment something in the line of him shoving his silly smile up his ass but thought better when he stretched out his arm to offer her a drink. "Drink this. It's for the hangover"  She suddenly remembered why her head hurt so much. Party, drink, Em's, Chester's room. Ewww!!! She said sipping the drink while eying Chester suspiciously. A thought suddenly occured to her and she dropped her
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  "What do you mean by I don't have a choice? You're not going to force me into a monster. What is your problem?" Emily screamed. She was thinking much more straighter now.  "I'm telling you. I am not asking. if you don't comply, be rest assured people will get hurt. Especially your mum or should I say fake mum"  She stood still trying to understand what he was talking about. "What are you talking about? Fake mum?" She wondered if he was mistaking her for someone else cus she was pretty sure her mum was real.  "Yes fake mum. Your real mum wasn't too bright anyway. She faked smart until I caught up with her and drained her off her blood. I'll applaud her for being able to hide you properly. I couldn't even catch your scent for seventeen years"  "You're lying!" She cried out. She closed her ears trying to drown out his voice. "No I'm not. Lying is beneath me. I do not indulge in such foolishness you mere
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