Last Respect

Sunshine walks in to pay her last respect to James Benita did not come with her because of what Jame's family has done to her but immediately Clota saw her she order the guards to throw Sunshine out! 

Sunshine asked Clota to stop this and at least they should allow her to pay the last respect to James but John said if she really respects James has she claims it better she leaves and does not cause a scene here right now.                   


Sunshine saw how people were looking at her then she turn back and goes straight to where she parks her car, one woman walk up to her from behind and hug her then said.....

"My daughter it been long have been looking for you and what happened to you on your arm?"

Sunshine turn back and said what! looking straight into the woman's eyes. The woman opened her bag and bring Sunshine pictures right from birth till she grew up, and gave it to Sunshine.

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