Lame get to the entrance of that rebel territory, two giant men putting on armor and holding big knives stopped her and asked what did she want? she scrunched up her face and said those men must be joking as she was standing, Lame look around then saw a stone on the ground.

She stretched her hand towards it and the stone turns into a cobra snake coming towards them. Those two giant men rose their eyebrows while one of them said, she is a witch and they both quickly go down on their knees beg Lame to please spare them. She used her eyes to control the snake and it turns back to stone.

"Take me to your master!"

Lame said to them and they escort her to their leader, he was sleeping inside his hut with a lady. Lame open the cloth he used as a curtain and tell him to please get up now! the Rebel leader did, then tap the lady beside him to please excuse them by standing outside the hut till he finished his conversation with his guest.

"I hate seeing witches at night t
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