"Ha, ha, ha, a witch that knows how to tell tales, do not forget that I am your weakness!"

"That does not scare me! so please leave my kingdom"

"This is not your kingdom but I would leave."

The dragon king turn back and wanted to leave but Zudan stopped him and said the witch has no right to send them away and besides Lame should release his friends for him but she insisted that until the dragon king bow down for her.

The dragon king said he needs to fix something and fly's away while the witch and Owen left for the palace. Zudan follows Owen and Lame. When they'll enter the palace Lame sat on the throne and she asked Zudan why did he follow up?

"Where are Rosita and Katrine?"

"Like I said they're inside my cell!"

"Tell me what can I do to get them out aside from making the dragon king bow before you?"

"Interesting!" Lame stood up and move closer to Zudan she asked him to become the kingdom wizard again! Zudan said becoming the kingdom wizar
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