The Hiding Box

The newscaster said some men came to rob the house, and the housekeeper said nothing was missing in that house except her hiding box. Clota scream who did this!

"Who is the traitor in this house? my life and all my secrets are all in that box! I'm finished"

Sunshine enjoyed the way Clota was crying in pain whilst John rushed in and said he knows who did it, and pointed to Sunshine saying it was her. Sunshine smiles.

"Are you serious John! me? unbelievable so you're now turning the table towards me? you're the one behind this and you know it"

"What! are you stupid?"

"Wait are you acting for us, John? remember I just left your office when you asked me to help you get the box because you need money, but I disagree due to your family are good at me! so please John tell them the truth they might forgive you please"

Sunshine turn to Clota and asked her to believe her because she is not the one that did it, and said John even gave her an agreement form t

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