Agreed to do it

Chapter 31

Charity POV

The long wait was finally over, so I took a cab to the restaurant where Mason asked us to meet. The journey was a long one as there was a traffic jam, but I got there regardless.

"Sorry for making you go through the stress of coming here. You should've just allowed me to pick you up," He uttered when I walked into the fancy restaurant. It was literally my first time being to such a beautiful and big restaurant, and my instinct told me immediately that this place would be meant for only wealthy people. Even average people won't be able to afford food here let alone poor people like myself that could barely survive.

"It's fine," I stated as I pulled out the chair and sat.

"What would you like to have? I'll call the wai..."

"No, I'm not hungry. Let's go straight to the business why we are here," I cut him off, but deep down, I wanted the food here and would even love take away if I was given the opportunity to. I would eat it for breakfast.

"Come on, you can't com
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