Can an Evil Lady Change

Can an Evil Lady Change

By:  Ann George  Ongoing
Language: English
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Sarah James was an average college student before she died in an accident when she was on her way to find a job. To her surprise, the next she opened her eyes, she was confronted with the truth that life had something against her. She was reincarnated into the Novel ‘True Love’ where the villainess Rubia Mary Albert Charleston was fated to die by the guillotine. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, she learns that the body she was reincarnated into was the body of the Villainous Lady herself...! Sarah's goal in her second life is to not shame the Charleston household whom she holds dear. She also has an ambition to humiliate the nobles that not only disrespected but also looked down upon Rubia. On her road to achieving the goals she has set for her second life she decides to unite the original female lead Catherine and Fredrick. Falling in love with Fredrick was the last thought on her head. Little did she know that she would come to love him little by little during their stay together. Sarah notices that the original events of the novel end up altering because of her appearance. Mathew who was saved by Rubia wishes to repay his debt to her through a promise. Catherine who was later declared a 'Saint' from a prophesy had no affection for Fredrick and, Fredrick who was supposed to fall in love with her at first sight also had no affection for her. The question to be asked is... "Will the villainous lady die once again..?"

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65 Chapters
"I wonder where it all went wrong? Is this death...? Goddamn it-..." said the girl as she placed her hand on her head. Those were the girl's final words. She was bleeding and crying in pain as she laid on the rough ground.   An hour back. *   My name is Sarah James (an average college student). The way I'm looking at it right now, my life was hell. I wasn't really the best nor was I the worst. I was just an average student. But, thinking back I suppose that my death was the shittiest part of my life.   I remember being run down by a car that was driven by some loud couple, when I was on my way to look for a job. I can't say if it was the couple's fault for hitting me with their car or my fault for reading a novel on my phone without paying attention to my surroundings... Though, I guess the fault lies on both sides…   I turned to my side and found the couple who were in a panic. I wan
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Previously -  "My name!? What is my name?"" 'Rubia Mary Albert Charleston' that is your name dear is everything all right...? "   Now - The next day I opened my eyes hoping that all that happened was a dream and that I was not dead. Hoping that I would wake up in a hospital room. But unfortunately, it wasn't so.   A maid enters the room. *   "Good morning miss." Said the maid as she bowed down "Right... Could you please guide me by telling me my daily schedule...?" asked Sarah hoping to ease the tension in the room "Y-yes Miss... Normally as soon as you get up you have your bath, change your clothes, and join the master and Madam for a meal." "All right, Then I'll be in your care then!" said Sarah as she smiled gently at the maid   Sarah's Pov – The maid was somewhat shocked well I can't blame her cause Rubia treated maids poorly There
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  Sarah's Pov - (Point of View) The events of the Novel take place in the Kennedy Empire. The Novel says that the Kennedy Empire is one of the most powerful Empires since they had a lot of magic support as well as their powerful knight forces...   The male lead Fredrick Nicholson Lloyd Kennedy is engaged to the villainess Rubia Mary Albert Charleston (A political marriage or an arranged marriage) at the age of 19.   The novel does not mention much about the crown prince's childhood except for the fact that his mother was a noble who used her pregnancy as a reason to get closer to the position of Empress. Apparently, the woman died when the crown prince was 4. The emperor loved his child, he just didn't show it much (the guy was probably a tsundere) and he wished for the prince to find his true love which is probably why he accepted the relationship between Fredrick and Catherine (the female lead).
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Previously -  "Mom yesterday you referred to an incident didn't you...? Can you tell me more about this incident...?" "Yes, dear but first eat your breakfast and restore the energy you lost We can talk about the incident in the study once your father arrives." "Yes, mom."   Currently - "I'm back." said the duke "Welcome back... dad." said Rubia "Dad...??" Said the Duke with tears of happiness flowing through "Yeah, or must I refer to you as father...?" "No dear I'm overjoyed...!"   Rubia's Pov - Hah... I know how to deal with these situations I kind of feel really warm around the couple I guess this is what they call parental love huh... In this life, I will definitely become a daughter they are proud of even if I am not really their daughter...   "Where's your mum dear...?" "Ah. She asked me to invite you to the study wh
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Previously - And the reason why Rubia always took her anger out on the maids was that she was shamed at almost all the tea parties she was invited to. She was mocked by the other ladies because the crown prince did not love her or pay any attention to her.   Currently - "Right, Is it true that I have been engaged...?" asked Rubia "Yes, that is right... You have been engaged to the crown prince of the Kennedy Empire." answered the Duchess "I see. "   Sarah's Pov - She did not mention that it was a political marriage probably cause didn't want to add to the stress after the previous incident.   "If you wish then we could annul the engagement since you will probably feel uncomfortable being engaged to a person you hardly remember." said the Duchess   Sarah's Pov - Well yes, I could avoid some major problems in the future if I annul this engagement out of m
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Previously - "Thank you, miss...!!"   Soon all the maids had joined in thanking Rubia. *   "I am truly grateful that you have accepted my apology in the future I promise you that I will repay the kindness you all have shown me by becoming some worth of the 'Charleston' Name". said Sarah   Currently - Rubia's memories start flowing through Sarah's mind. * She finds herself in an empty room with nothing but a line dividing two sides of the room. *   "Where am I now..?" asked Sarah as she examined her surroundings "You've finally come. I was starting to get tired waiting for you. By the way, what's your name...?" said a familiar voice from behind Sarah "Ah. My name is Sarah James... You...! Rubia!? Is it really you...!?" exclaimed Sarah as she rushed to the other side of the line "You can't cross that line, Sarah." "Why not...?" "Only souls
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Previously - "Alright... This is the last time we will be seeing each other like this... You will gradually start recovering my memories... Don't be scared... And also, you are free to do whatever with my body since it's yours know I hope you find someone who lo-." Sarah wakes up with tears overflowing. *   Currently - "Good evening dad." said Sarah to the Duke "Good evening Rubia." said the duke "May I ask you something about the Westlands....? I have been a bit curious about the situation lately."  "Well, it isn't that confidential but, it is surprising to see you want to know about it, Rubia.." "I just wanted to know more about the situation of the empire."   "The Westlands have been the major suppliers of food grains and crops which are used to feed the commoners. But, there seems to be a problem with the harvest grounds. That's the reason why the emperor had asked me and a few
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A meeting among a few nobles and the emperor takes place the next morning. *   "If any of you have suggestions to make to help improve the situation in the Westlands, Raise your hands." said the Emperor, Aelius   The Duke of House Charleston raises his hand. *   "Go ahead Duke."  "I suggest that we plant more trees." "Plant trees...?" The nobles gathered all have a look of shock. *   "That is right. I suggest we plant more trees since, trees may be able to protect the land by accumulating rainwater underground which is a solution to the problem of the dry Westlands. And, there are a few more benefits involved in growing trees, Your Majesty." "What are these other benefits you speak of...?" asked The Emperor in a curious manner "They are minor benefits, Your Majesty. Trees help clean the air and also provide shelter to the various animal species in our Empi
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  Current situation - Lady Rubia and Baroness Joann are exchanging formal greetings. *   "Good morning, Teacher Joann." said Sarah with a smile on her face.  "Good morning to you as well, Young Lady Rubia. Have you been well since the last incident...?" asked Baroness Joann "I apologize if I caused you any worry, Teacher. " "It's quite alright young lady."     Baroness Joann's POV- I had heard that the young lady of the Charleston house had changed but, I did not expect that she had changed this much. During the past whenever I had lessons with the young lady not only did she not pays attention but, she also dared to sleep during my classes. But, the eyes of the young lady right now have a will to learn. I believe this is the reason why Henry (the duke) (One of the previous students of Baroness Joann) had put down his pride to ask me to observe her before making t
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Previously - "Good night young lady...!" said Sandra and Mary as they bowed. "Good night to you as well Sandra, Mary." said Sarah   Sarah's Pov - I was only hoping on getting the attention of nobles but, after the suggestion I had made there is without a doubt a thought in the emperor’s mind. He must be quite curious for him to keep his own royal knights around me... How annoying... I have yet another obstacle...   Currently - That night Sarah has a dream of one of the memories of Rubia before she died. *   Sarah's Pov -  Why the hell do I keep having such dreams. Though the memories of Rubia are helpful at times... It feels like hell whenever I wake up from the dreams.   *The next morning, A letter addressed to Rubia arrives at the Charleston Duchy. *   "Young Miss, you have a letter." said Gerome (the Butler) "Oh... W
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