Choosing paths

Choosing paths

By:  Okaah lerato  Ongoing
Language: English
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As a Catholic girl I was just trying to make it through college. I wasn't looking for a lot in life. Just good grades, getting married before twenty two, having a few kids and God's blessings. People say that in life, you don't always get what you want and life has a way of roaming from the trail you planned to follow. I never realised how true the saying was. Religion was my everything, so what happens when I end up falling for the same gender? It couldn't get worse, right? But as life always feels the need to show you, it could... And it would.

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i really really really do love this book and it's unfair how underated it really is. this author deserves all accolades.
2021-08-26 04:14:27
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Jessie summers
An amazing read! Every word is written beautifully ❤️
2021-04-04 21:28:37
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I love the originality of the book and how the main character doesn't have all features, perfect. I can't wait for the next chapter ☺️.
2020-10-04 21:36:54
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Okaah lerato
A must read
2020-09-24 15:43:10
user avatar
Amazing book! I tell you :)
2020-08-20 20:10:46
user avatar
I enjoyed the book so far. The roller coaster of emotions and all. just keep updating.
2020-10-18 14:00:06
23 Chapters
Hello Hi there, well uhhh this is kinda like my first real story It's a real life reference and the journey might be a little rough, bear with me. I will update the story every two days depends on your zones but I'll keep the story updated and your comments will help me in checking or noticing the little things. There will be mature scenes so if you aren't comfortable with it then I'd advice you to skip them when you get to them. I will make sure to notify you of every scene so you know when to skip. There will some same sex scenes but mostly girls, if you aren't comfortable as well, I'd advise you to skip those too, I'll put double notifications so you know.
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My eyes were glued on the already fallen part of my ceiling that looked like the map of some country–it definitely needed a new coat of paint. I turned to my side and my eyes fell on my wardrobe–I needed a new dresser as well, maybe a couple of shoes and a new door. Perhaps a bulletproof shower room.I continued to make up silly scenarios in my head, while I waited for my parents to get home. It was Saturday and they still had to go to work. By they, I meant my mother. All dad did was drink his pension away and pretend we were a happy family.I shook my head to dispel unnecessary thoughts, today was a good day people! I mean, I got out of high school last month and was going to check my mail today, my admission letter had arrived and we were going to do some family dinner to celebrate or.... not, either way I was scared shitless. I wasn't a smart kid, my grades were average–I didn't want them to get better than that, call me c
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Remember when I said this year was going to be great? I take that back, in fact I take it all back. It had been three days since we read the letter and my mom kept prancing around the house like I was about to get married.I haven't had any decent sleep these past few days, even my dad had enough sense to get in and out of her way faster than flash–I wasn't that lucky. I mean, I was the one with the halo till she stole it...pfft!We were in my room and I'd never hated this little space like I did today. She was invading every personal fudging space I had. She packed this and threw that, hung this and tore that, screamed at this and gushed at that. Jesus, take me now, I really wasn't cut out to be a woman."Hey, honey. I'm going to get some more gowns for you," my mom said, while I groaned into my pillow."Mom, I hate dresses. Just get pant suits or something, besides its college and I'm not go
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I stood in front of the house as my dad filled the car with my things and my mom kept shifting her weight from one foot to the other, her chaplet hung loosely around her neck. I had one, but it was in the pocket of my jeans.My mom was a core catholic–born, bred, married and infused. Her beliefs were strong and so were mine–I believed in God. I mean who didn't? I held my beliefs and dignity to heart, always wanting mother's approval above all else. It was just something I was taught and I took great pleasure in having it.My mother would say the present generation wasn't half bad, but it was like God didn't exist anymore–No one took their time to say a prayer or even thank him for the day, it was all about gadgets and parties. I wasn't the type to force my beliefs on people, but I tried to do some right and say some right. The world needed a little light sometimes.Snapping out of my trance, my dad didnt waste his time with goodbyes
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Cherry berry
I jolted awake when I heard an overexcited knock or at least it sounded like it, I whined again, the knocking didn't stop, I tossed and turned looking for a comfortable position to help me forget this disturbance.It was 7am for Godssake, was anyone dying?, I marched to the door ripping it open ready to lash out when my eyes connected with teary blue ones making my anger deflate instantly."What's wrong cherry" I asked concerned as I looked out into the halls, seeing nothing out of the ordinary, I focused on her again"Nightmare, scared" was all she said as she wrapped her tiny arms around me.I was caught off guard at first but I wrapped my arms around her as I walked us into my room.This was her first time In here but she didn't let go of me to look around, she just stood
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The session was in full swing by Monday, different people, different moods with the same agenda.We all roamed the halls either going for a class, coming out of one or neither of them.I wasn't cut out for this sort of lifestyle, I think my brain was just waiting for the right moment to jump out and wave my ass gooodbye.I was hot all over and no it's not the sexy kind of hot you perv, it was the sticky irritating kind of hot, the one that made you angry for no reason.I stormed my way to my dorm room, college wasn't living up to my expectations in any way at all.If anything it just got so fudging harder than high school then why was I rushing to graduate?.I kept mumbling curses under my breath as I took a much needed shower, I didn't even flinch as the cold water rained down on me, It was cooling me off, I'm sure I was seconds away from detonation.We had a fr
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Beginning of weird
"Good morning everyone, I trust the reports have been turned in, I hope you loved Egypt history because the next report submission will be centered on the French revolution" the whole class groaned, I just rolled my eyes, typical Mr. Talin, history lecturer, I think he taught just to torture students, this wasn't part of our syllabus, he just enjoyed zapping the lives out of us. "Oh there there, that's enough, from french we shall study more advanced areas of this world from the root, don't bother my class, don't pretend like you don't understand and please don't bother me with whatever you don't understand, I have better classes to attend to, understand?, Nice let's begin" are you freaking kidding me?, He didn't even wait for our opinions?, What happened to our fudging rights?. "I have an introduction f
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Help me
Its been two weeks two days and five minutes since the incident that shall not be spoken about happened.I haven't left my room much, just following my new found pattern, classes-church-room, i felt a fierce need to reaffirm my faith, I needed God more than ever.It seemed like everyone knew what i had done, i couldn't get over the look of disgust on everyone's faces or maybe it was just my imagination.I reeked of Shame and uncertainty, i didn't talk to mom much anymore, i felt like i had betrayed and shamed her.I saw cherry here and there, she always tried to talk to me but i always found a way to dodge every attempt, there was this constant flash of hurt whenever I looked into her eyes but she needed to understand, this new world she pushed me into was dragging me under.I had a sinking feeling that i was going to drown.Sermons these days seem to about me, I've been losing
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In all my - years of existence,I have experienced multiple emotions, multiple types of feelings, but none quite like this.She fell on her bed dragging me on top of her while her lips where still pressed on mine. Her hands on my back, mine on her face tracing every edge and angle.It was the most intense feeling I've ever had, my whole body was vibrating.I mean I had had sex before but sh** I just couldn't get over the way her lips and hands made me feelA little later after the endless fight for dominance which I lost to,the urge to rip each other's clothes off became unbearable.I broke the kiss, her lips were swollen, the enormous feeling of pride almost made me smirk."I haven't ever done anything like this before, I mean uhm with a girl"I managed to say with a trembling voice and that annoying blush on my face."Just follow my lead"
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Half truths
I walked round campus like I was on cloud nine, I always had a smile on my face these days, people judged me with their eyes, others criticized me with their mouths but nothing could hold me down, I had to lose my religion and create mine, I trusted in this.I had to lose myself to become this new me, my bracket of religion couldn’t push this away, I'm sure God understood, did he? I shook my head, chasing the insecurities away, I was finally happy.It’s said to be wrong but my heart, my head, my very being was in this, no shred of discomfort was visible to me, known to me, and I knew this was meant to be.Then there was cherry, I couldn’t stop smiling when I thought about her, people referred to me as ‘hers’ now, Malnovs beloved, Malnovs monalisa, it was really weird but I guess that’s what happens when you date a Malnov, I cared little about her status actually, I just wanted her.
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