Memorable Triad

"Do you regret last night?" Asher stroked my thighs cradling me in her arms while Raymond snored half way in and half way out of the bed.

"No i dont, was i supposed to?"

"No but I-" Asher immediately started coughing rousing Raymond from his sleep when the cough refused to subside.

"Geez you didnt tell me you had a cold" i huffed patting her back with a slight frown on my face.

"Its not a cold love, something just lodged itslef in my throat" she wheezed still coughing.

"Well tell the thing not to wake us all up from sleep" Raymond yelped when i kicked him off the bed. "Yeah destroy the man who made you feel like goddesses last night ok?" i threw a pillow at his stupid face. idiot.

"You ok now? you've been acting really weird lately, are you fine?" my face didn't show my worry but my voice carried it.

"Yes i'm fine love i promise it was just

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Aiden Smith
so sorrowful, why did she have to die

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