seducing him didn't work


(She's just naive)

Genres; Thriller


By, baby favour

"Are you that dumb?" White yelled at his face.

She keeps sobbing quietly holding her cheek where he just slapped.

"You think getting bullied and coming to school is okay? Just because you want to be educated in this damn school!" White yelled.

"I tried to fight back at first but what happened next? She had my mom sacked from her part time job! Don't try to justify what you don't know! I'm poor I know that already I'm just under her feet she can crush me down at any fucking time,so please stay away from this!" The girl yelled back at him. Tears keep rushing down her face as she speaks.

She ran back into the cafeteria and went to Enuice on getting to the cafeteria.

She sunk her knee on the ground and started begging her.

"Please I'm sorry about what he did,forgive me please" She pleaded.

Enuice laughed out holding her stomach as she laughed loud.

She suddenly stopped and picked up her juice g
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