She's a bully,day off on the first day of work


(She's just naive)

Genres; Thriller


By, baby favour


"I'm rude? Sorry sir you are super spoilt" she imagined herself saying that out loud.

"Just get out!" Hardin yelled.

"Where do you say is my office?" Ulan asked.

"You know what?" Hardin said, tapping on his forehead feeling frustrated.

"I'm listening," She replied plainly.

"Just go, they will inform you when to start work through email" He said and straightened the line of his forehead cutely.

"Thank you for much sir" She said and catwork out.

"I can't believe I got a day off on the first day of work" She said walked to the car pack.

"Who the hell brings a power bike to work?" He asked out Loudly looking at her from his office window.come to think of it she kind of cute his mind whispered.

"Whatever" He said out loud and picked his pen ready to work again when another message popped on his phone.

He stood up immediately and left his office.


"Good morning everyone" Ulan said ou
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