Chapter 137: Don't die

Summer’s Point of View

As Steven’s image materialized before me, a sudden chill swept over me, causing my stomach to knot up. The sight before me was gruesome - blood was splattered all over the floor and someone lay motionless in the midst of it all. Without a moment’s hesitation, Stefani dashed towards the person and I followed suit, trying my best to keep my balance as I ran.

“S-Steven!” I cried out. “C-call an ambulance!”

I held him on my lap while scanning the area for Brandon, who was frantically speaking on his phone. Despite his anxious stare at Stefani and me, my attention was solely focused on Stefani, who was watching the situation.

My hands trembled, and my thoughts were jumbled. I couldn’t decide who to prioritize first between Stefani and Steven. In the midst of my confusion, Celine unexpectedly appeared.

“Summer!” She came running towards us and picked up Stefani in her arms. “Aunty’s here. Don’t cry,” she said soothingly.

Tears blurred my vision as I gazed at her, my f
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I hope the next chapters will be continuous and not just one or two
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Edlyn Eustaquio
more chapters please ..., thanks!
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Update please

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