EL Diablo

EL Diablo

By:  Goodness Shadrach  Completed
Language: English
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She was a package and he was the devil. And the devil always deliver.  Hired to deliver a package within a week, he was up to the task but he never expected unforeseen circumstances to delay his efficiency in his work. Vowed to live up to his reputation, he was ready to go through anything to see that he delivers but what would happen when he started getting close to the package? Or the fact that he started going beyond his belief wondering what would become of her when he let's her out of his sight? This was wrong, he is El Diablo, he has no heart, no emotion. He doesn't feel, he is not compassionate. What he does is accept jobs, deliver and gets paid and if you cross him? He doesn't hesitate to put a bullet straight to the head.  His name is feared all around, he is neat, he is never crossed, even his employers fear him. Parents tell his story to scare children and the ground shake at the very mention of his name. He is El Diablo and no one challenges him, no one except her that kept defying his orders.

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Great story. I just felt the ending was rushed. And the last paragraph was troubling. Will there be a sequel?
2022-04-10 11:53:36
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Anamika Das
story concept is good
2022-01-03 01:50:20
user avatar
Anamika Das
excellent story
2022-01-03 01:48:22
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Chanderika Sharma
So Amazing , Mind- blowing story ..
2021-10-26 19:52:32
user avatar
I am loving this book already ......... I really love to read to your stories author. .........
2021-10-17 20:33:34
user avatar
Anamika Das
Wonderful book.thrill .I m waiting for next update
2021-10-06 03:15:19
user avatar
Kassandra Urdiales
en español como la leo?
2023-09-15 15:01:06
59 Chapters
The shower was running until a hand reached out and turned off the tap, the pitch black hair in view was wet with water and hands smoothens it back before the head was raised up and the hands wiped the water from the face. The eyes opened to reveal pitch black eyes that was devoid of any emotion. The face was oval with sexy cheekbones and chiseled jaw with few weeks’ old stubbles, a well defined pointed nose and thick black eyebrows with beautiful, long eyelashes that were dripping water and a small thin pink line as lips. The eyes closed once more and a tongue poked out and licked the lips.A sigh left the lips before the owner reached for the towel that was hanging on the hanger and wiped his body, a muscular chest with flat strong tummy with sexy looking six packs, the water beads made it sexy to look upon and he slowly dabbed the towel on his skin before tying it around his slim waist. He opened the glass and stepped out, then walking to the door, he opened it and s
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Part one: Chapter one
A man sat on his leathered chair with his hands covering his face, he appeared pissed and irritated while another man stood a little bit far from him, trying his best not to anger the man more. “Ah,” the sitting man yelled and flings the tumbler on his desk on the wall, the action was accompanied with earth shattering noise as the tumbler shattered to pieces. “What were you thinking?” He screamed at the man in the room, “how could you be such a fool?”“Lo siento señor,” he apologized, “I’m sorry sir,” “but I really did not send him to him, Pablo just decided to do it himself and he believed with the help of Gabriella, that he could be able to do it.”“Do what?” The man yelled, still furious, “how could he be able to do what no man could have done, what the police could not do, not even hired assassins has been able do that. Por el amor de Dios, he was just a
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Chapter two
There was a rustling in the bush and the man standing beside it turned to check it out but before he could get to it, something jumped out and the next thing he knew, life was being strangled out of him. He tried so hard to free himself but it proved impossible and soon, he was in need of air and there was none, his eyes were rolling back at the suffocation and he wished someone would save him but that was a foul wish because soon, his eyes closed and he was sucked into the darkness.Receiving no more struggle form the man, the arm around his neck released and the lifeless body dropped on the ground. The dressed in black man responsible for the death sniffled and rubbed his index finger under his nose. He walked noiselessly like a cat and hid by the wall when he heard movement approaching.“I’m going to check on him now,” someone was saying while making a cut to where he was hiding, without a second left out, he grabbed him by the neck also and before
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Chapter three
The man smiled and looked at her, his black eyes roamed all over her body, her nightwear wasn’t too light but he could see her round shaped breasts and his eyes locked on her chest for a while longer. She gulped, sensing his gaze and she pulled her hands up to block her chest. He chuckled and rolled his eyes, turning around and walking to the mini bar at the other side of the room. Picking up a tumbler, he opened a bottle of half drank whiskey and poured himself a glass. He carried the tumbler and walked back to the living room and sat on the sofa opposite her, he sipped his drink, his eyes still on her and a little smile playing at the corner of his lips.She gulped and looked around, anywhere but at him, “so um…what do you want from me?” she looked at him then.He smacked his lips and looked at his drink, “me? I want nothing from you.”“Then why did you kidnap me?” she asked, a little annoyed, “obviously,
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Chapter four
Ava couldn’t remember how long she had counted the design on the ceiling, she sighed and closed her eyes, she was hungry, pressed and really tired of staying in on position but the man who left her handicapped was still busy sleeping beside her. She opened her eyes and looked at him, he looked so peaceful sleeping, so different from what she had heard about him.She can remember when her father told her how he had set up their casino on fire when he couldn’t find what he came for and after that had come after them to take it from him, her father had told her it was the toughest fight he had ever been in, one man fighting against many and still won in the end and left with his package. Her father had said that the last thing he would want to do was encounter the man again, he had said so many things about him, but now looking at him as he slept, he was nothing like the things her father had said, except when he opens his eyes.She shuddered at the thought of
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Chapter five
Ava heard the door click and knew he was finally coming to check on her after leaving her in the darkness for hours. She was weak, hungry and her wrists and ankles aches from being tied up, the door pushed open and the man standing in front of her was shrouded in the darkness and he made no move of turning on the light. He walked straight to her like he could find his way in the darkness; she heard him place something on the cabinet and then walked to the windows to draw the curtains.The light that sipped in blinded Ava for a while and she shut her eyes immediately and then opened it when the pain eased, from the window she could see it was sunset. So he kept to his words, he left her in the dark and starved her till evening. Remembering something, she glanced at the cabinet and seeing the plate of food, her mouth watered and her belly rumbled. She looked at the man in front of her with pleading in her eyes; he didn’t say anything and mainly approached her and untied h
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Chapter six
“Am I wrong or am I right, El Diablo?” Drago asked, his men touching their guns on their waists, waiting for the order to strike. “I called you here, not only because I needed your help, but because I know you kidnapped my daughter, now, the only thing that would save your life, the only thing that would prevent my men from emptying their barrels on you is if you answer my questions.”The man with his back to him smiled softly, he started picturing the places he saw the men standing and it suddenly occurred to him that if he should bend his bullet, he would kill more than half of them. His hands were itching, twitching, he was getting impatient to get to the killing, the demon in him have been demanding for the blood spill and last night wasn’t enough, perhaps he is going to satiate the hunger now. His fingers touched the butt of his gun, ready to pull it out from the holster.“I just want to know who hired you to kidnap my princess
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Chapter seven
Ava waited for him to reply to her offer but he ignored her and continued with his task, she sighed and repeated, “let me help you.”“Sleep,” his voice was soft but also authoritative.Ava was annoyed by the tone he spoke to her with, “I was only offering to help.”“I didn’t ask for it,” he replied.“Of course,” she scoffed, looking at the ceiling in anger, “you leave me tied up all night and you returned with a bullet wound and with all the goodness in me, I am offering to help you treat your wound but no, you did not appreciate it, you talk as if you are the O’ God almighty, no one can talk to you, no one can help you. But you know what?” she glared at him, “you can die for all I care, at least it would free me from your clutches, so why don’t you just drop dead?”With all the things she was saying, the man beside her didn’t flinch or bothe
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Chapter eight
Ava drifted in and out of sleep all through the night, she was pressed, she really needs to use the bathroom but the devil beside her wouldn’t answer to her whenever she called to him. It surprises her how an assassin like him can sleep so deeply with no fear in the world that someone could sneak in and put a bullet in his head. It also leaves her wondering why he had mentioned that he was not a good sleeper yet he sleeps so well the two times he had slept beside her.She glared at him in annoyance, he had left the light on and it was also one of the reasons she was finding it hard to sleep. She had ended up wondering how a man who is so in love with the darkness could sleep with the light on. She shut her eyes with a sigh, wondering if morning would ever come as she drifted into sleep once more.Waking up again, her bladder was so full that she doubts if she could hold it anymore, glancing at the man still asleep beside her, she called to him, “excuse me,
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Chapter nine
Ava felt her heart missed series of beat as she stared at the man before her, his eyes were turning darker by each second that passes and his hand holding the gun to her didn’t waver. With every passing second, she could see the determination in his eyes and all that was remaining was for him to pull the fucking trigger and send her to hell just like he had said he would a while ago. She closed her eyes and opened them; she licked her chapped lips as she started counting the seconds till he pulls the trigger in her heart. She waited, believing that it was finally time for her to go see her mother and if possible her late boyfriends if she would be able to see them.She saw his sexy slender index finger move to the trigger and blinked as slowly as she could, if there was one thing she didn’t want to miss was to see when the bullet left the gun and take her life. She could feel her heartbeat slowing down by the seconds and she started calling to her mother to wait f
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