11. Eat little bird


I struggled more than I should, watching in awe how she fought her way through the ranks. Even though we changed the test for her because she was human, she still amazed me. Besides changing the test, I had ordered everyone not to use any titles. I wanted her to feel at home here, and I wondered why I did that.

I didn’t know if Logan liked her, if it was a crush, or even just an interest because she was new. But I hoped I would soon find out.

I struggled not to smile because it seemed she was searching for me, and the thought alone made this warmth grow inside me. A warmth I hadn’t felt in a very long time.

And then she found me. Her eyes locked on mine, and the world around me faded. There was so much in her eyes, beauty, strength, but what lured me closer—heartbreak.

Ever since my mate and pup were taken from me, I pushed everyone away, struggling with my anger toward the world and fighting with my wolf, and now, I wanted to be close to someone. Someone that could neve
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