10. Gamma

My legs wouldn’t stop shaking after another round, waiting for what came next.

“Gamma.” Was called out, and Liam strode closer.

My heart swelled when I saw the emotions flowing through his gaze, finally something other than disgust—he was proud.

My hand slowly moved down where I had hidden my ace because I knew Liam wouldn’t let me win. My eyes drifted to his wrist, noticing the red line from the bracelet. The silver was burning his skin.

He waited, moving around me, wanting me to make the first move, but I wouldn’t. However, I knew I had to step closer. I could only win this if he couldn’t use his full reach.

Still, I remained on the spot, following his steps, until my gaze landed on the man behind Conner.

Tall, dark, and handsome was an understatement, and I couldn’t peel my eyes away from him. There was something there, luring me closer, but why?

His clenched jaw, the fire in his eyes, the anger….the pain behind it. The pain I recognized. He tilted his head up slightly, showi

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