4. Handsome bastard

“Thank you, Alpha.”

“Keep her safe. You’re blessed with a mate, don’t screw it up.”

“I won’t, Alpha.”

My ears perked, trying to listen in, but I couldn’t understand what they were talking about. Alpha, mate… was I in some sort of cult?

The door slowly opened, and I pretended I was still asleep while he got in beside me, tugging me closer. 

I held my breath, afraid for what came next, when his fingers wandered over my arm, making a warmth surge through me, one I didn’t need nor want. 

His fingers moved lower, and my eyes snapped open, rushing away, my chest heaving, fear crawling under my skin when Liam watched me lying on a bed. 

My eyes quickly scanned around, and I ran for the door. My fingers brushed over the handle before I was lifted in the air and tossed back on the bed.

“Where do you think you are going, kitty,” he said. His eyes glimmered to another color, and goosebumps rose on my bare arms. 

“What do you want from me?” I sneered, trying to hide my fear from him, lifting my chin in defiance. 

He laughed, shaking his head. “I will tell you everything if you answer some questions.”

I huffed, crossing my arms. “I don’t know what you think I know—”

“Don’t worry, you can’t imagine what I want to ask you,” he said, rising up and reaching for my hands.

The fear slowly disappeared, and without my intention, my hand took his. Why was I feeling safe with this man? This man took me from my home, saying I would submit to him.

“Speak.” My voice was softer than I wanted when he pulled me closer. 

He sighed, his fingers trailing a path over my neck, and that warmth from before changed into a fire, a need to have his touch somewhere else. I clenched my thighs, my body betraying me when I leaned into his touch.

“Good girl,” he murmured. 

My eyes found his, and I forced myself to take a step back. “What are you doing to me?”

He laughed, holding onto my hand. “You are my mate, my soulmate,” he said as if I should know what that meant. 

“So you like me? That doesn’t mean you can fucking kidnap me!” I yelled, pulling my hand from his, retaking control over my body and actions, dimming the flame inside me, one that had never helped me before. 

His gaze narrowed, and a growl rumbled. “It’s more than that. I’m not a human like you, but we are destined for each other.”

“Human like me?” I moved as far away as possible, needing the distance between us to tame my pulsing core. 

His eyes changed color again, making my brows furrow together. “What’s that?”

He smiled, tilting his head. “My wolf.”

My lips remained sealed while my mind was working overtime. What kind of weirdo is he?

“Two souls, one body.” He edged closer, and I held up my hand, stopping him.  

“So, you have dissociative identity disorder? I know a good therapist for that,” I said, trying to come up with a way out of this mess. Maybe my therapist was right, I shouldn’t be working at the club anymore. Look at what it got me, some sociopath kidnaped me to who I somehow was attracted, my body needing his touch, almost begging for it. 

He shook his head again, taking a deep breath as if he was trying to contain his rising anger. 

“It’s not that. I’m not crazy,” he said through gritted teeth.

This time I laughed. “Well, we are all a little crazy.” 

He growled, his eyes turning dark brown, almost black. “Kitty,” he started, but his voice was different this time. Deeper, rougher. 

There was no stopping it. The dimmed flame rose, my cheeks redden, and this urge to throw myself at him was almost unstoppable. My body trembled, my core fluttered, and I bit down on my tongue, afraid of what I might say.

“You feel that pull. That’s the mate bond, and you have to stop fighting it.” 

My scalp prickled with anger and confusion, not knowing what to do next. My mind and body were working out of sync, making it harder to control myself. 

“I’m one of the Gammas of the black river pack,” he said, his voice back to normal, sitting down on the bed, giving me the space I needed. 

I gulped, not knowing who I should fear, and these emotions that flowed through me weren’t helping at all. “Gamma?”

His jaw clenched, and I wondered if he was getting impatient with my questions, but what else did he expect?

“It would be easier if you were one of us,” he mumbled under his breath. 

“Well, sorry, I’m not part of your cult!” I snapped, tossing my hands in the air and moving to the door. 

“It’s not a cult, it’s a pack!!” He snapped back.

“It still sounds like a cult, and I don’t want to be any part of that!” I crossed my arm.

He rose to his feet, smashing me against the wall, caging me in. “A pack, not a cult.”

I whimpered, and my head throbbed. “I want to go home,” I whispered, not daring to push this man further. 

“This is your home. Get used to it,” he snarled, his breath fanned over my face. “How do you do it?” he asked. 

“Do what?” I struggled in his grasp, but he only pressed his body harder against mine. 

“How can you fight the mate bond, this pull.” His eyes changed again, and I almost melted, but when they were back to normal, I had my game face back on. 

“That, how do you do that?” he asked when I wouldn’t answer. 

“I’m not doing anything,” I muttered.

His chest rumbled. “Don’t lie to me, human.”

“Stop saying that, as it is an insult!” I spat. 

“It is. You’re weak. You shouldn’t be my mate.” He stepped back and gave me one last glance before he stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him. 

My heart clenched, and tears brimmed my eyes. Why was I hurt by his words? Why did it feel like I wasn’t good enough? Why do I even care what he thinks?

Panic flowed through me, and I slumped down on the floor, leaning against the wall. All the heat that coursed through my body had disappeared, leaving me cold and alone.

I hated this feeling, this urge I couldn’t explain. It has been years since I felt this, and the thought alone made me curse. I pushed myself off the ground, hoping Liam brought some stuff, and by stuff, I meant my drugs. 

I needed them, I had to stay strong. I can’t show him any weakness. 

I dared to try the door, and my heart almost jumped out of my chest when it opened. I had no idea if Liam had left or if he was still somewhere around. I peeked through the crack and slowly sneaked through. 

I was in a small wooden cottage with no pictures on the walls, nothing to make this place feel like a home. It looked more like a hunting cabin than a place to stay longer than a few days. Maybe this was just for us until I gave in, giving him what he wanted even if I didn’t know what he wanted. 

I was his mate, whatever that meant, and he wanted me by his side. Why? He doesn’t want me, he doesn’t want a human. He made that clear enough. The disgust couldn’t be missed when he spoke those words that made me cry. 

I smiled when I noticed my bag, but when I rummaged through it, my medicines were nowhere to be found. 

“Shit,” I sighed. 

I scanned around and moved to the front door. Taking my chance, I opened it. I smiled triumphantly, but it quickly turned into a scream when I saw the biggest dog I had ever seen. 

I closed the door, leaning against it, panting. 

Closing my eyes, I tried to control my breathing, remembering myself there was nothing to fear. The worst thing that could happen was my death, and would that be so bad?

The soft knock on the door made me jump, and I scampered away. 

It slowly opened, and Liam stepped inside with nothing but shorts on. His chest glistered in a thin layer of sweat while it heaved with every breath he took. 

“I’m sorry, I needed to let him out,” he said, scratching the back of his neck. The anger he had moments ago had disappeared, and he seemed kind again. 

“Who out?” I asked, knowing the answer. 

“My wolf.” He shook his head, and the kindness was already gone. Annoyance took its place. I never minded annoying others, it kept everyone away, but with him, it made me almost whimper, and this urge to ask for his forgiveness flowed through me. 

“I need you to let me go,” I said, squaring my shoulders, pushing everything I felt for him away. “I don’t belong here, Liam. You don’t even want me.”

“You have no choice, my decision.” 

“No, it isn’t. You have to let me go,” I said again. He needed to release me, I wanted to leave, but the words left a foul taste in my mouth.

“No,” he growled, pain surging through me, starting at my spine, and moving up to my neck until I couldn’t breathe. I fell to my knees, scratching at my throat as if something was suffocating me. 

I whimpered and wheezed, and my vision blurred. 

“I will stop when you listen to me. You’re staying here, and you will obey me,” he said, inching closer. 

Another wave of pain crushed me, the pressure on my ribs made my heart slow down, and for the first time in my life, I feared what would come next. 

I weakly nodded, and all the pressure disappeared. I gasped for air, coughing my lungs out. 

“What did you do?” My voice was strained and hoarse. 

“That will happen every time you challenge me, you aren’t strong enough to take it. Give up, Kitty. This is your life now.”

Fury stormed through me, and I made myself a promise. My eyes met his, and I knew I would never give in. 

He laughed, his face inches away from mine. “Just wait until you go into heat next week. You will be begging for my touch, my cock, and my mark.”

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