Chapter 15: Thank you

"So what could their reason be?"

"Uh... To give me the note?"

"Jack could have easily slipped that into your pocket or locker in school."

"To let me know them?"

"And scare you? Why would they... I'm so confused." she shook her head.

"You're not planning on calling that number, are you?" she asked, raising a threatening brow. She knew him, he would be curious. Anyone would.

He shook his head, his expression going flat.

"What?" she asked concerned.



Andrew watched as Victor entered into the house, his dreads bouncing behind his head.

“He’s asleep in the garage.” Victor told him.

Asleep meant knocked out.

“Are you sure he was following King?” Victor asked, plopping unto a red cushion, his leg going to rest on the long sofa Ken, nicknamed Leprosy and Jack sat.

“Yeah.” Leprosy affirmed, “Even King caught on and he tried to lose him. I noticed him right from when King left here. He didn’t look suspicious at first until I saw him enter a black car when King got i
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