Chapter 16: How many whores this time?

“Uh… my birthday isn’t in another four months.”

“Can’t I get gifts for you without it being your birthday?”


He turned and walked out of her room. If looks were lasers, his back would have burnt through.

“He couldn’t even say a thank you.” She grumbled, flinging a dress she just brought out of her wardrobe haphazardly.

“Thank you!” she heard him shout. Her anger dissipated and her lips curled up in response.


“This is weird.” King grumbled, adjusting the collar of his shirt as he and Joan stood awkwardly at the corner of the entrance of the church.

He couldn’t deny that she had a good taste in men's clothes, he thought looking down at his trousers. She definitely knew his style.

“You’re the one making it awkward.” She whispered.

He was about to respond but stopped, chuckling instead when he saw her fiddling with the sleeves of the burgundy gown she wore, she was also nervous.

They had come to the Catholic Church closest to her house, St. Thomas Aquinas. The mass had
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