Chapter 85: You don't mind if I pray for you?

She always swallowed everything in and cried till her body was drained of fluid then she got up and pretended everything was fine.

She looked up to Heaven and vowed. Even if it was the last thing she did, she'll fight for her and King's freedom.

Making that decision, she got off the floor with a smile. The Fritzgeralds family had it coming.


"I told you; I told you! I warned you not to add that in the agreement yet you did. Look at the outcome now!" Merlione hollered, in front of his aunt and uncle.

"Stop being such a kid," Josephine snapped, "do you really think she'll never divorce you? Don't believe her religious crap."

"Well, yes, I believe her. That's why they fought so hard so we'll never get married."

"But you're married now," His uncle, Steve, reminded him.

He fought the smile that forced its way up his face. He sighed, taking a seat on a side stool.

"I hate that I had to use such methods to get her. It's annoying seeing the hatred in her eyes whenever she looks at me which i
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