Girlfriend For Hire (English)

Girlfriend For Hire (English)

By:  Maickeyyy_  Completed
Language: English
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Aiden and Wyatt have been best friends since they were kids. Wyatt's grandfather wished to see his girlfriend before he died, but the problem is Wyatt doesn't have one. And so, he thought of hiring a fake girlfriend. Since Wyatt is popular, a lot of girls applied to be his girlfriend, but he didn't like any of them at all. And that's when the craziness hit Wyatt, he asked for his best friend- Aiden to pretend to be his girlfriend in exchange for paying his father's hospital bill.

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Please update more. As a fellow Author, I have to admit that I love you book.
2023-10-21 18:04:32
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hi, guys! if you find this interesting and if you have something in mind. kindly give me feedback hehe. thank you so much!
2023-10-19 19:28:30
63 Chapters
Wyatt's Point of ViewBANG! BANG! BANG!"Wyatt, come out! You don't want to go out?!"BANG! BOOGSH!I jumped in surprise when I heard gunshots. I rubbed my eyes, and I searched myself to see if I was still alive. Good thing, I still am. But why did I hear gunshots? Is there a war? Is it the end of the world? I'm still a virgin; I can't die yet!BANG!I immediately covered my ears when I heard a loud bang again. When I turned to look at my door, I was surprised to see that it was riddled with holes. I clenched my fist and got out of bed. I walked towards the door and was about to shout when the door suddenly flew towards me, causing me to fall and the door to lie on top of me."Ugh, damn it! Who the fuck dared to break my door?!" I shouted.Damn it. This door is so heavy, I can't move."You asked, who? Huh?" A man with a shotgun on his shoulder appeared.My eyes widened when I realized that the man standing there was my grandfather. I thought he was sick, but it seems like he's not. He
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Chapter 1
Aiden Point of ViewI posted on the bulletin board earlier saying, "Wyatt's is looking for a girlfriend. Interested people go to the gym later this break time."I already guessed that many would go because Wyatt was famous at our school, but I still can’t help but be amazed at the number of people who went today. It looks like it will take us until night if we finish the interview at the very end of the queue.Wyatt and I didn't eat for this anymore and I thought it would be okay but it wasn't. I'm starving, but I can't leave Wyatt here because I said I would help him."Are not you hungry?" He asked.I turned to him and shook my head, "No. You?"Of course, my answer to him was a lie. I'm really hungry.He didn't answer me, which annoyed me. My eyebrows met because of irritation."Jacob!" He calls his friend.Jacob approached, "Why, Wyatt? Do you need something?""Can you buy us some food? I'm already hungry," Wyatt said, he's even holding his stomach.Jacob nodded, "Sure. Give me a gi
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Chapter 2
Wyatt's Point of ViewArg, man! It sucks. I can't even find my type among the women Jacob chose. I want someone as thin and small as Aiden.Uh-huh? Aiden? Come to think of it, Aiden looks like a woman even if he doesn't dress in women's clothes.His eyelashes are long. White skin? I'm not really sure if his skin was white or if it was just really pale. He is modest, quiet... Everything I want in a woman is in him.Oh, wow. I felt a sudden urge to touch him.What would he look like in feminine clothing? Damn. I can’t help but blush at the thoughts. I'm not a pervert, okay? I just want to see him wearing women's clothing. I think... He will be really beautiful.The heck, what am I thinking? Erase, erase!But kidding aside, what if Aiden becomes my girlfriend? Will he agree? He probably can't resist me, can he? After all, I am his best friend.That's right; I'm sure Aiden will say yes."AHA!" I shouted. I really shouted louder so that he would notice me."Argh, damn you! Why are you sudd
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Chapter 3
Aiden's Point of View"So, what are the rules you want to put in the contract, hmm?" He parted the hair that blocked my eyes while still smiling.I averted my eyes. Why does our position seem to be like a couple's?I moved away from him a little before saying, "Hmm... Wait, how long will I have to pretend to be your girlfriend?"Wyatt looked at the ceiling as if thinking, "I'm not sure yet. I don't know how many times Grandpa will summon you.""Can't I really be noticed?" I asked, "They already know my face so well that it's impossible for them not to recognize me."He smiled, "Take it easy; you should always think positively.""I'm still nervous," I said and looked up.Wyatt and I have been friends for a long time, and his family has known me since we were children. It’s vague enough that they won’t notice or recognize that I’m his girlfriend when our pretending lasts. So about three or two meetings should be okay. Because if this continues for up to a month, oh no! We will really be
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Chapter 4
Aiden's Point of View"Are you okay?" Regie asked.I nodded and took the table napkin. Oh, man, that was embarrassing.Wyatt caressed my back and asked, "Are you okay, babe?"B-Babe?! That's so common!We didn't talk about the endearment, so I was surprised.I turned to him and nodded, "Yeah, I'm fine."Marcus smiled and said, "Good to know that you're fine. So, may we know your name?""I'm Aida," I said."She's Aira," Wyatt said.What the fuck?!We spoke at the same time, so I wouldn't wonder why his cousins looked at us in shock and exchanged glances with us. I thought Aida was my name? Why did he say that my name was Aira?The two of us looked at each other. Because I was annoyed with him, I stepped on his foot under the table. He's really the one to give us reason to get caught!"Ah..." he scratched his head and laughed, "I just bit my tongue so I said Aira, but her name is really Aida."His cousins smiled. Wyatt seemed to convince them, because they just nodded."Let's order," Cy
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Chapter 5
Aiden's Point of ViewAfter a few minutes, Wyatt parted our lips. He looked at my eyes for a moment before he hugged me and put his head on my shoulder."Ugh, fuck," he cursed."A-Are you okay?" I asked.I grabbed his shoulder and forced him to face me. I was shocked when he suddenly pushed me, causing me to fall to the floor. All I could do was follow him out of my apartment with my eyes, since I was still in awe over what he had done to me.What the fuck, man!? Is he mad at me? Is he really the one who has the courage to be angry with the two of us? If there's anyone who should be angry, it's me. He kissed me first! I just imitated what he did. Wait, don't tell me... I'm a terrible kisser? Did I bite his tongue by any chance?But still! Why does he have to push me? Does he hate it that much? Did it bother him because we're both men? But he was the one who initiated it, wasn't he? He kissed me, and then he suggested that we try it. Then, when I said that we were both men, he just ans
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Chapter 6
Wyatt's Point of ViewI ran after I pushed him. Fuck. Why did I do that? Yeah, he looks like a girl, but what crossed my mind to do that? And to my best friend of all people? Argh, what is going to happen tomorrow? What if he suddenly walks away from me? What if he thinks I took advantage of the difference in body types we have? Aish. You Wyatt! You're an asshole! How did you do that to Aiden? To that innocent Aiden. Damn it.I went straight to my room when I got home. I lay down and almost banged my head because I couldn't forget what had happened earlier. It's like I'm going crazy!His skin... it's so soft. And why are his lips so soft? It's like I didn't want to stop the kiss there earlier. Haa, fuck. If I didn't stop, I might lose it and do something that might ruin our friendship.The next morning, Aiden didn't go to the house, making me think he might be angry because of what I did last night. Aish.I wouldn't have gone to school, but I didn't want him to think I didn't go becau
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Chapter 7
Aiden's Point of ViewWe went back to the classroom together. All the eyes of our classmates were on us, but as before I didn’t pay attention to that. I sat in my chair and so Wyatt did. A few more minutes later I heard Wyatt's voice up close. When I looked at the person next to me in the chair I saw Wyatt standing by his side. Wait, don't tell me he's going to swap seats again now that we're okay? When Wyatt noticed me looking at him he smiled at me. I don't know but I suddenly averted my eyes."Let's exchange seats, hmm?" Wyatt said to the man sitting next to me.The chair made a sound, maybe the one sitting next to me stood up. To find out if what I had in mind was right, I turned to him. But instead of seeing my seat mate's face, Wyatt's face greeted me. He's wearing a big smile. I stared at him for a few more seconds until I suddenly felt my heart beat faster again.Oh, gosh. What's happening to me?Our prof had arrived for the next subject so I had a reason to avoid Wyatt's gaze
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Chapter 8
Aiden's Point of View"Why are you mad at me?" I asked, starting to get annoyed with him.He scoffed, "You're really asking me why? Isn't it obvious yet what makes me angry?""I am not doing anything!" I defended myself.He smirked and averted his eyes, "Yeah, yeah. Whatever you say."I bit my lower lip and held my tears back. Why is he so mad? I don't really avoid him, I only avoid his hand. Because he doesn't know how I feel, he can say that. He didn't know that I was going crazy every night thinking why I was like this. Every time we stare at each other, my heart beats faster than I used to. And every time we just touch for a moment I feel electricity in my body that I have never experienced before.For a moment of silence, my tears finally fell down. I sobbed, and when Wyatt heard it, he immediately turned to me. I just stared at him as my tears just kept coming out.Wyatt wiped his hand over his face when he saw me crying. He sat down again while his palm remained covering his fa
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Chapter 9
Aiden's Point of View"Aiden, can we talk?"I looked up and saw Danica. She bent down and played with her fingers."Sure," I replied."Uhm, can we go to a quiet place? We're just the two of us," she said.I stood up, "Okay."She nodded and started to walk. I just followed her and walked out of the classroom. I noticed that Hans's gaze followed Danica and me but I just ignored it. Wyatt is not yet in the classroom lest he be late for class. It looks like he was really drunk last night.Danica took me to the rooftop. When we entered, she immediately closed the door. I just stared at her as I waited for her to speak. I don’t know what we should talk about. Is it about what I saw last night? If she's concerned that I'll spread the word about it, she's safe because I'm not close to our classmates. And I won't get anything good if I spread it."About what happened yesterday—"I cut her off, "Don't worry, I won't talk about that. Is that all you're going to say?"She looked at me then shook
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