Global Unity {Revamped}

Global Unity {Revamped}

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Global Unity tells the events that happened after Emperor's Hidden Anger. But Corona took over Planet Harmony and she's planning to attack Planet Earth With Emperor and the Squid Sisters vanished it's up to Arnold and Creator stop Corona once and for all This story is referencing the infamous Covid-19 Pandemic that started on Jan 20th now 8 months have passed and the virus is ravaging Planet Earth to this day. But the medical teams are on the frontlines battling this virus and trying very hard to find a vaccine to eradicate Covid-19 Corona's plan known as Operation: Covid-19 Lethality was recruit, gather and train her army and destroy Planet Earth That would be similar to the people breaching quarantine rules and conditions Arnold's plan known as Operation: Medical Frontlines was to simply save the characters of Planet Harmony from the jaws of Corona And that would be similar to medical teams and communities across Planet Earth work together to stop the Covid-19 virus Alot of characters in this story are from TV shows, Games and likely movies but the setting takes place in Planet Harmony is located in the Friendship System in the constellation of Sagittarius located five thousand light years away from Planet Earth. The topography of Planet Harmony is similar to Planet Earth while cities are the pun versions while some cities have a different name. Emperor, protagonist of the last story found out the truth that, Grace Rumorstrike was the one responsible for the events that took place at Inkopolis Plaza and its eventual downfall /silence.

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90 Chapters
Planet Harmony, Arnold’s Sanctuary. Planet Harmony is a place for all characters from all Games, TV Shows, Anime & etc., to see Planet Harmony as their home. But on May 5th 2042, Corona Virusknife, Emperor’s Older Sister, took over Planet Harmony. Her goal was to eradicate the entire population of Planet Earth, Arnold’s home. Arnold didn’t know that his Sanctuary; Planet Harmony was fully taken over by Corona. What’s even worse, Emperor, his Inkling son vanished after he committed one of the worst revenge moments of Planet Harmony silencing the entire community of Inkopolis. Also, the disappearance of the Squid Sisters’ Callie & Marie, Off the Hook’s Pearl & Marina and Deep Cut’s Frye, Shiver & Big Man after Emperor silenced the Splatoon Community. Inkopolis (Combined Cities of Inkopolis Plaza, Inkopolis Square & Splatsville) was once a vibrant city where all Inklings, Octolings, Salmonlings & other races interacted with each other and went to stores to get their fresh drip. Now Inkopo
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I - Inkopolis Destroyed
January 1st 2023, 12:34 pm Scarborough, Australia I was at home located at 9 43-45 Scarborough Beach Road looking at my phone. “New year, new leaf. The year 2022 was a blast and I know for a fact that 2023 will be better than 2022” I said with a smile. I get up, leave my home and walk towards the Esplanade. As I look at the Esplanade I walk towards the Scarborough Beach Ampthreate and look at the kids and adults from all walks of life and different country backgrounds wearing their swimsuits like Swim shorts, Swimming Trunks/Underwear, Bikini Tops & Bottom, etc. playing at the beach; building Sandcastles, playing Beach Volleyball, Surfing, Eating Lunch & many more activity. I looked at myself and thought that I was human but my form was an Inkling Boy from the game Splatoon. My appearance is Golden Inkling with (Metallic) gold hair, freckled fair skin, heterochromatic eyes (One Dharkonic Purple and the other Galeemic Red), Metallic Gold eyebrows and Sanitized Metallic Gold Paste. He
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II - Alpha in Silent Inkopolis!?
I continued exploring Silent Inkopolis the same Inkopolis that Emperor silenced and destroyed back in the year 2037, I was amazed that Emperor did the unthinkable with his friend. “So Emperor and his friend did the unthinkable by silencing the Splatoon Community & destroying the city by detonating the infamous City Destroyer AKA The Killswitch… my favourite shelter I visited that time; the Hopeful Protection Shelter. I did get all the kids from all races out of there but the walls caved in and the staff didn’t survive.” I said as I looked at what remained of the Hopeful Protection Shelter the roof caved in, and also looked at the dried ink littering the entire city. Dried Ink Colours of Blue, Pink, Fushia, Orange, Vermillion, Cyan, Vantablack, Purple Heart, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Sapphire, Ruby & many more to name. I have my Dawnbreaker & Spellbreaker ready to be used if there are enemies around. I kept walking seeing the mangled cities of Inkopolis Plaza, Inkopolis Square & Splatsville
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III - Arceus' Realization
I continued walking through the destroyed streets of Silent Inkopolis he immediately saw a plate next to a broken wall. I was looking at it and put my hand out feeling its power emanating from it. As my hand touch it. I could feel the power of all 18 types from one plate alone, I scanned it and I was amazed. “This must be the Legend Plate,” I said. I then turn around to see Arceus angry hovering towards me at breakneck speeds. “Looks like Arceus must be angry to see me interacting with the legend plate,” I said. I tried to lift the Legend Plate but it was too heavy. As Arceus used its Judgement attack I closed my eyes as the Judgement attack hurtled towards me. An explosion rocked the city and it fell silent “Corona… it is done, he’s been taken care of” said Arceus “Don’t be so sure Alpha!!!” a voice shouted. Arceus turns to see the smoke, As the smoke clears Arceus is shocked to see me with 18 fragments of the Legend Plate hovering around my back like truth-seeking orbs from Naruto. T
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IV - Remnants of the Past
Arceus and I were resting near a Cyan-coloured gravestone “I can’t believe that Corona’s tongue is false and deceitful and I fell for it” said Arceus. “I know Alpha, but now you know my intentions and her intentions,” I said patting Arceus. Arceus looks at me patting her “Trust me my intentions are pure and goodwill. I want to stop Corona and fight back over Planet Harmony, but it will be a long fight ahead” I said. “You’re right Also where am I… this isn’t Sinnoh,” said Arceus “You’re not in Sinnoh you’re in Silent Inkopolis remnants of what remains of Inkopolis. Inkopolis was a combined city of Inkopolis Plaza, Inkopolis Square & Splatsville but Emperor, one of my Inkling creations and his friend silent the Splatoon community and detonated “The Killswitch” a bomb that can destroy or level a city” I said, Arceus was shocked. “So Emperor your inkling son & his friend silenced a community and destroyed a city!? But how” Arceus asked me. Emperor got bullied by the Splatoon community so h
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V - Naruto's Help
Arceus and I continue walking around Silent Inkopolis. Arceus & I heard a powerful roar. I turn to see Lord Seventh Hokage; Naruto Uzumaki in his Tailed Beast Version Two Form, Six-Tailed. I was amazed to see Naruto’s Tailed Beast Version Two Form, Six Tail. Seeing the Fox’s Skeletal structure in plain view. Arceus looks at me “Be careful Arnold, Naruto or Lord Seventh Hokage has eventually lost himself due to the rage in him.” said Arceus, “I’ve known why this is Corona’s doing. She can put a Madness Enhancement on anyone. Naruto, Corona knows that Naruto has a temper and rage is unrivalled because he was the Jinchūriki of the Nine-Tails; Kurama.” I said. Naruto in his Six Tail form roars with rage. I closed my eyes then Shukaku’s tail, Matatabi’s Two Tails, Isobu’s Three Tails, Son Goku’s Four Tails, Kokuo’s Five Tails, Saiken’s Six Tails, Chomei’s Seven Tails, Gyuki’s Eight Tails, Kurama’s Nine Tails & The Ten Tails’ Tails began to manifest at the back of my waist plus 11 truth-seek
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VI - Tailed Beast Remnants
Naruto & I walk away from Ground Zero/Sanitization Zone and walk towards Inkopolis Plaza “Arnold where are heading?” Arceus asked, “We are heading to the first arena in Inkopolis Plaza; Urchin Underpass.” I grab the map of Planet Harmony and see Silent Inkopolis in its entirety, I zoom in and see me (as the gold dot), Naruto (as the red & black dot with the Hokage Symbol) & Arceus (as the White and grey dot with a Golden Gate). “We are here located kilometres from Ground Zero, Urchin Underpass is located near the heart of Inkopolis Plaza just a 1hr walk from our location we just need to be careful of Corona’s brainwashed lackeys and underlings can swarming the area so be careful,” I said. I then grab out my NILS Statue Thang Laser Replica ready to fight any enemies that will stop me and my group. Arceus looks at me carrying my NILS Statue Thang Laser Replica “Commander Tartar used that weapon for evil purposes and now you’re using a replica version of the weapon to protect this world
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Egg Laying Hiccup
January 1st 2043, Time: 7:10pmLocation: Inkopolis Ruins (City Edge)Creator, Emp and I arrived back at Inkopolis Ruins Emp inhaled and exhaled the Splatoonian air "*sigh* Inkopolis it's been six years since the last time I came to this place" said Emp "for me and Creator… it's been 18 years since I came here. Anyway, let's investigate. Tartar and Octavia. It's Arnold, I'm at Inkopolis Ruins with Emp and Creator, are you planning to meet up with me at Inkopolis Ruins?" I asked Tartar and Octavia "we are also Luvenis, Caelum, Inferos, Infinitus and Cerifico are coming with us as well because they're worried about you" said Octavia "okay Emp, Creator and I will be waiting at the Plaza area of Inkopolis Ruins" I said to them "acknowledged Arnold" said Tartar. After the call Emp, Creator and I walked towards the Plaza area located in the middle of Inkopolis Ruins. I looked at the buildings destroyed and reduced to rubble, the paint of the buildings chipped away, loo
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Personal Matters
My group and I were located at the remains of Inkopolis aka Inkopolis Ruins I closed my eyes and shouted "Eyes of the Hidden Past" then I opened my eyes and my eyes of the hidden past was activated I looked at the Plaza and saw a group of different inkling and octoling like races playing or talking to their friends, I looked at the building right in front of me, the Tokyo Tower and there was no sign of Emp and his friend Solaris aka Sol "this must be a memory of Inkopolis just before the attack" I said to myself I turned around to see Maeka, Darkstar, Lost, Brightsworth, Cosmic and Tyler talking about Emp "so Maeka, Darkstar, Lost, Brightsworth, Cosmic and Tyler were talking about Emp, but why it's been 6 years, SIX! Years after the events of Emperor's Hidden Anger maybe their conversation might shed some light on what happened""Tartar, what's uncle doing?" Cerifico asked "he's using his Eyes of the Hidden Past to find out what happened while he and Creator stayed idle at Pl
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Meeting an Old Friend
January 1st 2043, Time: 10:12pmLocation: Inkopolis Ruins (Outskirts)My gang and I were located at the outskirts of Inkopolis Ruins looking for my creations and the Panty Savages Gang Tartar looked at me going through the rubble and saw the country map of Splatpan "Splatpan, the pun version of Japan. This might come in handy later" so I put the map of Splatpan in my pouch and kept looking through the rubble. While I looked through the rubble Tartar and Octavia were talking to Creator and Emp, about my created family and the gang I joined, the Panty Savages. "Creator do you know any information about the Panty Savages, the gang that your uncle just joined back in 2027?" Tartar asked"Sure Commander, the Panty Savages Gang that my uncle Arnold just joined is not just an ordinary gang you see during his time back at his home, Planet Earth. Majority the gangs are part of the underworld but the Panty Savages gang serves a different purpose… the Panty Savages
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