His Majesty

His Majesty

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Vanessa was always invisible to Richard Amaan, her boss, until he decided to make her his fake girlfriend to the Royal dinner. Things took a different turn and they had to lie that Vanessa was pregnant even though Vanessa never signed for that part of the bargain. With a pregnancy news looming over the Royal Household, Richard wasn’t ready to take no for an answer from Vanessa.. he’s all ready to make her pregnant and even make her his own.

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user avatar
Enjoyed the story.
2023-02-20 04:37:27
user avatar
Ivy Pangilinan
The story is amazing!
2021-05-30 16:47:04
user avatar
Key KeYrol
such a great story💜👍 good job author👏👏
2021-05-20 09:24:56
user avatar
Amy N Cottrell
great story loved the characters would love a sequel to the Malik family or aslam
2021-05-02 00:39:55
user avatar
Daisy Topaz
absolutely wonderful but needs a sequel like a sequel that tells about Aslam's girlfriend, fight and torrents of the Malik family, and that lady that he was meant to marry plotting against them. and loads of thrilling facts like that. but still I give it a 1000%
2021-04-18 07:57:09
user avatar
EasterNina Qim
Its a nice story, just that like some part is left hanging without ending but overall its nice
2021-04-08 18:48:09
default avatar
Really good story!
2021-04-02 04:00:58
user avatar
2021-03-31 06:04:54
user avatar
Suzette Stewart Graves
I enjoy this book.
2021-03-27 08:41:38
user avatar
Constance Anita Hughes
Really awesome
2021-03-21 15:43:42
default avatar
I enjoyed the journey and story line
2021-03-20 01:18:18
user avatar
Beautiful Creature
🔥 I've just started reading 📚 this book but it's keeping me glued
2021-03-15 12:07:21
user avatar
Joe Jo
Nice book. Its not boring but you should unlock other chapters
2021-02-16 11:49:30
user avatar
Ami Rodrigo
nice book and good stories
2021-01-31 21:56:13
user avatar
Jacqueline Vorster
nice story.
2021-01-25 20:04:41
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44 Chapters
The silence that followed the last word said by the person on the other side of the line gave hint on what was about to happen- rage and whoever stays on line of vision will feel the heat.Richard dropped the phone and slammed it on the wall out of annoyance. His mother had managed to get on his nerves this time around and he was too afraid to admit she was successful on ruining his good day. Now things will have to go dangerous.“Sir, is everything alright ?” His secretary of a year entered into his office when she heard the noise.“Did I ask you to come in?” He demanded in a raised voice.“I'm sorry sir, I didn't mean to invade on your privacy. I heard the noise and wanted to check if it was not break in or something terrible happened to you” she explained“Without my permission?” He inquired.“Do I need your permission for such issue, I thought that’s part of my job sir” She fired back at him and he as taken aback for a minute, the secretary he hired and has known for a while never
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After the little but yet not little encounter I had with my boss today, I drag myself to the cafe that was directly opposite the office to meet Dae, my roommate turned best friend for lunch. I met Dae when I first got a job in New York. I didn’t have anywhere to stay and she offered me one when we were introduced to each other by a mutual friend.We’ve also had our own fair share of crazy stuffs like the one you wrote down and call bucket list, yeah, we’re currently on that one too. But now that I’ve been fired from work, I guess I should start looking for work rather that trying to fulfill bucket list wishes.“Girlfriend, what's next on our bucket list?” I'm seated in the restaurant directly opposite my office and all the while I've been staring at the skyscraper that is too weird to go back into.Dae, my best friend of three years was sitting next to me holding her tablet while ticking off the goals we've managed to attain these past few weeks.We started the bucket list two months b
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This chapter is supposedly to be before the second chapter Richard’s POV“You know that will never be possible, Tiffany. Not while I'm still alive will I marry a girl that is yours or any other person's choice. Trust me on that, woman”I've never been in a relationship, not after what happened to one of my friends in school that made me hate the word love so much. If I end up being a relationship today, it won't be a love affair, it'll all be about business and money.After graduating from Imperial university in Mexico with a degree in Business administration and top of my class too, I came back to London to develop my own business while moving away from the family's web. Being a descendent of the Amaan”s has a lot of strings attached and if you don't get yourself out of their web soon, you'll end up dying in it.My life was arranged for me since I was a kid, following their ambitions and dreams for me, but after graduating college, I broke off every contact I had with them.Now, they
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Vanessa’s POV¶ They tell me everybody’s fifty minutes in a different time zone.And since I had it at the moment, you're the one I wanna shine my light one…….¶…..I like you girl in particular¶Dae kept on singing on and on to the music playing on her phone while the events of yesterday kept on playing in my head. It's just morning and my boss will be here anytime soon. I just want to fade away and never come back.“Can you just shut up for five minutes and let the Major Lazer music rest?” I screamed at her.“You can't pass aggression at me just because things are not working out fine. Moreover, I didn’t ask for you to be in that position ” she replied while she switched off the music.“You're my best friend, you should share in my sorrow and pain” I feigned crying and expected her to come and console me but no, the girl kept glaring at me as if I just wished her grandparents dead.“What stupid sorrow are you even talking about?, just because your boss asked you to be his girlfriend f
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Richard’s POV“Good evening Tiffany” I picked up the phone, used my shoulder to hold it to my ear while I try to fix the buttons on my shirt.“Good evening son, how was your day?” I removed the phone from my ear to look at the caller again, hoping It was a wrong person.“Cut the pretence off Tiffany, go straight to the point. What do you want?” I demanded. Growing up, Tiffany made it clear that she doesn’t have the time for a child and I maybe nice to every person in the world but not to Tiffany.“I’m trying to be nice here, Richard and give me some respect too, young man” she replied angrily“I’ll try, now, what&hel
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Vanessa's POV“Love is not a word in my son's dictionary, so don't give me that part my dear one” his mom said while keeping an angry look on her son.The whole energy I got ever since we arrived here is all mostly negative and the positive ones only came from Richard’s father. The Arab king and that has totally made me realize the more trouble I've gotten myself into.By tomorrow, I'm very sure more than 30 people will be after my story, wanting to know if I'm fit for the throne not knowing I was forced into this pile of shit. Richard’s mom is not making the issue easy for me, maybe she thinks I’m one of those gold diggers who would probably be after their wealth.I looked over at the mother with a forced smile and lay under my breath.“I don't know what you're talking about, but I love Richard a lot” with all the glares coming from most people at that table, the fear was starting to creep in. These people are too powerful for my type of person. I've always avoided this type of cliqu
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Vanessa’s POVMy mom once told me she was seventeen when she met my father who was just a year older than her then.They had met at a friend's birthday party and the two had ended up being cat and rat, fighting and arguing over unnecessary things, even never agreeing on one thing until it was time for my father to move to another country entirely for his university education.That was when the two of them realized they were made for each other. Love, as she had said can be found in the strangest of all places.I've always hoped to find my prince charming in the most romantic way but with what my boss AKA worst nightmare just told me, I think I'm bound to never know love. Who cursed me with someone this horrible?“I just said something important and I need your reply, are you even listening, Vanessa?” He flipped his hand in front of my face to get my attention.“Yeah, I can hear you and honestly I don't know what to say to you but I can bet I’ll scratch your eyes out if you repeat that
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Vanessa’s POV“Good morning” I greeted her royal highness immediately I was taken to the room where she was.I woke up this morning with a negative feeling and anytime I feel that way, things never go right. As I was trying to decipher where the feeling could be coming from, I got a call from her royal highness, Richard’s mother, to see her at the Italian restaurant I’ve always dreamed of going to.As I stepped into the heavenly restaurant, I was welcomed by one of their staff who asked if I had a reservation or an appointment, after confirming the latter, I was taken into the room where she sat in all her glory away from the noise and issues of the world, I guess.I still don’t know the reason why I’m here but I don’t think it’s about the surrogate matter, it can’t possibly be.“Good morning” I greeted the second time trying to get her attention from the magazine she was reading and I was ignored, after standing for what seemed like five minutes, she finally looked up from the magazin
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Vanessa’s POV I stood up from my bed grudgingly and looked into the mirror as I took in my weird morning appearance.My face look swollen,hair all over the place, and the worst part of it, was I looked like someone who was going to faint any moment from then.I hesitated a little bit when I heard the doorbell ring, I picked up a baseball bat behind the door. I mean who picks up a bat before opening the door, well that's me.My violent action is due to the fact that those nosy paparazzi won't try their very best to mind their business. After I ended up getting myself into the biggest mistake of my life by accepting to be my boss's date to his family dinner last week, I think the whole of America and the Arabs are now after my life.After I accepted to be his surrogate, we had gone to a private clinic, according to him, to get the procedure done.The doctor had insisted on opening my legs to insert the stuff, I won't say it. Not like I'm the Virgin type, but please I felt my privacy h
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Richard's POV I had gone to the club to see a friend on that Friday night after a hectic day at work, the club was really lit and I could say my friend did himself real good, even the lights were amazing too.After finding a spot to seat and wait for my friend, I saw two girls walking into the club and one of them looked like Vanessa. It can't be her, she's not the club type. I told myself and withdraw my attention from it.I was about to leave the club after one of his workers informed me that he'll not be coming today and having enjoyed the scenes that unfolded before me during the last few minutes when I realized that the girl looked a lot like Vanessa, especially the Vanessa that went with me to the party and not Vanessa, the secretary.What the hell is going on?I brought out my phone from my pocket and decided to call her just to confirm if it was her or not.She brought out her phone from her purse immediately it started ringing on my own side of the line and that was what conf
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