How to transmigrate in a proper way: A guide

How to transmigrate in a proper way: A guide

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How much of a chance is there for someone napping on a plane, woking up finding himself lying on a giant bird nest? Lei was on his way home from visiting his mom when the plane he was in, out of nowhere encountered a giant black hole. What's a black hole doing on Earth? The pilot himself wants to know. It swallowed the entire plane in an instant- crushing and obliterating everything inside. The passengers were not even given the time to react. Lei, who was sound asleep during the entirety of event, was completely oblivious to all of this. He was sleeping so soundly it made one's tooth ache. However, even among the hundreds of passengers and crews on the plane, he was actually the only person who survive. Was this the will of heaven at work? Or was it just him taking all the luck in the world? Either way, the most immediate matter for Lei who was finally awake at this moment to resolve was.. "Ah-why the hell does this bird keep on following me?!" The adorable 'little' bird was looking at Lei with its adorable, big, round eyes, following him on his track. "Also, where did that book I brought with me go?! I haven't finished reading it yet!" The pitiful book on the void with not even a speck of its dust left was sad: ..Master, I'm sorry! I already went ahead huhu

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13 Chapters
Step One: Make proper preparations
A young man was standing, slightly angled to the side in front of a three-meter mirror-like, round object. His black almond-shaped eyes were raised. His thin pink lips, opening and closing. He was slightly facing to his side, highlighting his straight, pointed nose and defined jawline. He was extremely fair and white. On his face was a serious expression, in which, looking closely, had a subtle hint of pampering. The young man had facial features that were obviously Asian but his platinum blond hair, eyebrows and eyelashes, gave him away. Clearly, he’s of a mixed-race.. A two-meter and a half giant bird was standing opposite him. The young man was currently seriously reprimanding this giant bird. With the young man’s one meter and eighty height and the giant bird’s two meter and fifty, the scene looked quite funny. The giant bird had a solemn expression on its face. However, its bright purple eyes can’t hide the silly look and confusion from within. The young man was
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Step Two: Double-check everything
It took Lei a week to finally recover and wake up. When he opened his eyes, a handsome white-haired man greeted his vision. Lei stared in a daze for a while then, as if seeing a ghost, he suddenly jumped. Startled, he loudly shouted, “What the f*ck?!” The veins on his neck were almost visible with this one shout. Normally, with how much effort he put, its sound is enough to travel through everyone’s doors and windows in his neighborhood. But this time, as if a volume button set on the lowest minimum was present in the room, his voice only sounded like a small whisper, as quietly as that of a mosquito. It was so quiet that even Lei, himself, had a hard time hearing it. This made him completely stunned. After a full minute of silence, he widened his eyes and asked in horror, “Y-you! W-who are you?! What did you do to my voice?! Lei tried to raised his volume than before but it still sounded as quietly. Rather than making it louder, it only made him
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Step Three: Ride on a plane
The airport is filled with people coming and going. Young and old, men and women, foreign and locals. It was very crowded. Lei was sitting on the waiting area, busily playing with his phone. It was about time for him to board on plane. He has been sitting here, waiting, for more than an hour... Earlier, because of his mother’s nagging, he had to go to the airport five hours ahead of his flight schedule. Left with no other choice, after finishing the security process, he can only let himself rot in the gate, feeling bored to death. After waiting for what felt like an eternity, the boarding announcement was finally made. Lei got up in haste, putting his phone away, before making his way ahead. At this time, Lei was just an ordinary employee returning to work after taking a vacation on his hometown. He’s been working as a manager on a publishing company for 5 years now and completely has no idea of the events he’ll encounter a few hours later. Today’s we
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Step Four: Set Beast Planet as destination
Before Lei could finish his cry, his head bumped into a protruding branch making him instantly lose his consciousness. When he came to, he found himself lying in a soft bed. The moment he opened his eyes, a white ceiling greeted his vision. Lei turned his head and looked around. He was in a small white room. All the walls, door, and even the window were painted white. There was a couch on the corner of the room and a table beside the bed. On the table was a basket of fruits and a vase filled with unfamiliar white flowers. The room was simple with no one around, but it was extremely clean and the air is fresh and relaxing. “Hospital?” Lei murmured to himself, trying to sit up. “Eh?” His expression immediately froze. He can’t move. Aside from his head, all parts of his body are paralyzed. He was baffled, trying to get up once again, and then another. After a few failed attempts, he finally gave up. Was it because I fell too hard? Well, it was a giant tr
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Step Five: Become a guinea pig
When Lei woke up for the third time, the small room was already crowded with people wearing white coats. The moment they saw him opened his eyes, they immediately began to gather around his bed. There were about ten people- one person checked his vitals while another was recording them. The rest just stared at him intently, their hands slightly raised, as if ready to restrain him the moment he becomes violent. Lei was instantly stunned. He didn’t know what expression he should make at this moment. The pressure in the room was slightly higher than that of Ms. Emily. One of the people standing by the side courageously tried to talk to him. “Hello. What is your name? Do you understand me?” He was looking at him cautiously. Are you sure it’s right for you to be so cautious? I’m the one having slight difficulty breathing here, ok?! Lei lamented in his mind. He recognized this voice. It was that cheap guy from before. Lei tried to suppressed the twitching of his lips. He r
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Step Six: Get rescued by an old woman
Lei’s decision was proven to be right. His plan was very successful. Apart from experiencing those seven days of torture, the result can be considered quite satisfactory. This way, he will have more time to think of his next action. However, contrary to what one might expect, Lei was actually feeling very uneasy and anxious. After all, he was certain that the investigation have already started.. Although he manage to make them believe with his words, that alone wasn’t credible enough. They need more than just his testimony for this case to be settled. When that time came, his lies will be uncovered, he will be thrown to prison (?) for perjury or in worst cases, he might even have to say goodbye to his head. Lei shivered at this thought. The only good news right now is, planet Mata is a low civilization planet and wasn’t part of the Empire’s territory. They are not people of the Empire so they couldn’t ask them for help with the investigation. There is
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Step Seven: Raise a child
After falling on the ground, Lei felt himself being crushed. His limbs were all pinned firmly on the ground, he couldn’t move to push the thing away. The feeling of suffocation was filling him. It was terrible, this thing was so heavy. Was it trying to kill him?! Fortunately, Ms. Emily didn’t want to see him be crushed to death so tragically. She reacted very quickly and immediately gave the order. The people on standby began to move. They pulled the thing sticking to Lei and hold it down. The moment the thing was removed from his body, Lei immediately sucked a mouthful of breath. Turning his head to the side, he coughed violently, his eyes becoming wet and stained with red. Before he could recover, he heard a grumble. Lei didn’t know if it was his illusion but he seemed to hear some grievance mixed in it. Someone gave him a hand, helping him up. Taking the glass of water offered by one of the maids, he finally saw the thing that launc
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Step Eight: Meet your mate
Getting off the space car, Lei was silent. It’s like all the excitement he had on the way were pure illusions- After coming to reality, it all dissipated in the air, not even leaving a speck of dust as it left. He wanted to ask, “Excuse me, Emily-san. Did your beloved AI perhaps get the wrong address? This is actually a case of mixing places, right? There’s no way our destination is really here, right?!” However, Lei was a perfectly ‘timid’ guy so, of course, this words will never leave his mouth. He stayed put, a look of hesitance on his face, silently waiting for Ms. Emily’s next action. After a while, he watched as the old woman walked slowly and steadily ahead. She seemed to be familiar with the place. Walking a few steps, she stopped in front of a god knows what- the thing was barely visible from Lei’s angle and the shape was hard to make out of. She raised her hand, reaching to press an object. A second later, the sound of a doorbell rang. Lei continued
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Step Nine: Solve the mysteries (Part 1)
The old man instantly became silent. Lei didn’t expect him to answer either. He thought it was too personal and wanted to change the subject. However, the old man actually began to narrate the events of that day before he could open his mouth. It turns out the old man was also in Beast planet that day. In fact, he was the one who saved him twice. That day, the old man was testing the new time-portal he made. Because Beast planet have a huge supply of rainbow crystals which is used as a fuel, he chose to test it there. Opening the portal in land is risky so he chose up in the air. He selected the timeline, found the weakest spot on that space and started the portal. Time-portal was an invention of the old man. It is different from time-travelling machine. Time-travelling machine needs one to be on the same place as one’s destination. If you want to know what Earth is like in its early years, you need to be on Earth when you used the tim
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Solve the mysteries (Part 2)
The man got into one of the empire’s spacecraft used for travelling through planet and stars by mistake. The empire couldn’t send him back so they let him stay to wait for the investigation report and processing of his documents. In his stay, he met a young girl and fell in love with her at first sight.The young girl also felt the same way and suggested them living together for the meantime before the man left. The man happily agreed.Surprisingly, after living together, although he was feeling slightly uncomfortable with the pressure the young girl’s body emit, he didn’t feel anything else. After only a few days, some unspeakable things happened. Before the man left, the young girl found herself pregnant. He told the man which was then heard by the official escorting him and the news soon travelled to the whole empire. This put the fighting of the princes into a halt.The doctors, however, only felt incredulous hearing it. ‘How ca
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