Infinite Love from Flash Marriage Husband

Infinite Love from Flash Marriage Husband

By:  Hong Chen  Completed
Language: English
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Finding out her fiancé embroiled with her sister, she married a man in a wheelchair in a fit of pique. While they agreed to trade with each other's needs, he turned out to spoil her as the envy of all the women in the city. "Mr. Lu, aren't you paraplegic?" "Lu Zhengnan, you liar! I want a divorce!" The man held her into his arms, "You want a divorce? You've given birth to a child for me!"

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557 Chapters
Chapter 1
Patient’s room, hospital. In the corridor full of a strong odor of disinfectant, bursts of affectionate chuckling could still be heard. Right about to knock on the door, Tang Mengyu was surprised to hear the conversation coming from inside of the room. Her face was clouded with doubt. These voices, this conversation. Although falling apart from the inside, Tang Mengyu still raised her trembling hand slowly. In her last hope, she pushed the door open, bit by bit. Hearing the squeaking sound of the door opening, a man and a woman took a pause from their lover’s talk and intimate hugging, and both looked up at the doorway at the same time. All of a sudden, all three of them were dumbfounded. The astonishment in Tang Mengyu’s eyes slowly turned into anger and shame, little by little…These two lovers in front of her were none other than her boyfriend Zhou Shaohui and her sister Tang Mengxue. For a moment, Tang Mengyu felt that all of her strength was being pulled away. She
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Chapter 2
Qingyuan Community, south of the city.After getting off a taxi at the gate of the community, Tang Mengyu ran back home almost without taking a breath.Seeing Xue Zhupei cooking in the kitchen, Tang Mengyu ran in without saying anything, grabbed the potatoes she was cutting, and put them down. "Mom, I have something important to ask you.""What's the hurry?" Xue Zhupei was a little harsh and gave her a glare."Mom, I just want to ask you who was the fiancée that the patriarch of Lu family decided for Lu Zhengnan, me or Mengxue?" Tang Mengyu asked without preamble, staring closely at Xue Zhupei with her red eyes.Upon hearing this, Xue Zhupei was suddenly stunned for a moment, and some imperceptible embarrassment slid over her face beneath that delicate makeup. She raised her eyes to Tang Mengyu with her tone suddenly softened, "Mengyu, why are you asking this?""Huh, I found Mengxue and Zhou Shaohui together. She said I was the fiancée of Lu Zhengnan. Mom, you're not going to lie
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Chapter 3
Crack—After a loud thunderclap, the heavy rain suddenly poured down.In a black car parked by the roadside with both hazard flashers on, the driver turned and said to the man sitting in the back, "Master, Miss Tang went forward in the rain.""Follow her!" The man's low-pitched voice sounded like a pleasant cello.His face hidden in the flickering light only showed its beautiful outline as a sculpture.The raindrops in late autumn were hitting on Tang Mengyu like icicles, and her pale little face turned purple in the cold. She hugged her thin body, gritted her teeth, and moved forward stiffly step by step.She didn't know where to go, or even where she was.There were no pedestrians on such a rainy night, only cars speeding by occasionally, with water splashing on the girl ruthlessly, wetting her again and again.In the car, the man's big hand on his knee clenched a little harder, and some dim glitter flashed from his deep eyes in the dark night.Unpredictably, the little woma
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Chapter 4
Patient’s room, hospital.Tang Mengyu slowly opened her eyes to find herself in the hospital, and she sat up suddenly from the bed.The memories before she fainted rushed into her mind like waves. She took out the needle from her hand with her teeth gritted, stumbled to the ground, and ran outside.No!She still had a lot to do. She couldn't die, so doubtlessly, she would never marry Lu Zhengnan!After running out of the hospital, Tang Mengyu touched her pockets and realized that she was penniless. She didn't bring anything when she came out yesterday, even her cellphone was left at home.Even she was all night out, presumably, only her adoptive father in that family would care about her more or less!Standing on the busy road, Tang Mengyu hesitated for a while, and then she walked towards home with both arms around herself.Though in the moment of pique, she could not leave home without anything, or she would not have the chance to turn the tables.Her fever had not gone from
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Chapter 5
About half a year ago, when she was taken to a nightclub by Zhou Shaohui, she accidentally encountered the racy scene of Lu Zhengqing snuggling with a man...Lu Zhengqing knew that she was Zhou Shaohui's girlfriend, so he did not threaten her but kindly asked her to keep it secret for him.Because of this, they were more connected afterwards. Although not "besties", they were friends who trusted each other.Hearing that, Lu Zhengqing raised his dashing eyebrows, "Mengyu, the two of us are getting more and more tacit! After I heard about you yesterday, I intended to discuss with you about the cooperation.""So, you agree?" asked Tang Mengyu.She hadn’t been a hundred percent sure that Lu Zhengqing would agree, but it was a pleasant surprise that he had also thought of this.After all, with the fame and influence of the Lu family in Ning City, plenty of fine ladies would be drawn to marry him even if Lu Zhengqing was not favored by the patriarch.Her only bet was his secret, or, m
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Chapter 6
“I…” Though astonished and puzzled when facing Lu Zhengnan, Tang Mengyu was a little embarrassed to express it. Instead, she asked, “Was it my mom who called and told you that I was waiting here?”“Yes,” Lu Zhengnan nodded towards her voice, replying.It seemed that her stepmother had found that the residence booklet was stolen by her.But how could her stepmother know she was at the Civil Affairs Bureau?For a while, Tang Mengyu froze with a ton of questions in her mind, hesitating to tell Lu Zhengnan that she wasn’t here to get the marriage certificate with him.“Mengyu!”Suddenly, a figure bedecked with glittering jewels rushed into the hall of the Civil Affairs Bureau.Tang Mengyu looked up to see Xue Zhupei approaching her in a hurry.After a glimpse at the man in the wheelchair, Xue Zhupei quickly wore a smile and took Tang Mengyu's wrist in her hand. "Mengyu, you forgot something important, and I came here to bring it to you.""What?" Tang Mengyu looked at Xue Zhupei in
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Chapter 7
Hearing that, Xue Zhupei immediately changed her look. She went up and clung to Tang Mengyu's arm. "That's right! This is a nice and thoughtful girl! ""I am going to get the marriage certificate with Lu Zhengnan, and you, send someone to take my grandma back to the nursing home, now!" Tang Mengyu took out her arm; her tone sounds serious and unshakable.It was the first time that Xue Zhupei had seen Tang Mengyu like this, a bit cold and cruel. Without a new word, Xue Zhupei let her go and urged, "No problem! I’ll watch you get the certificate, and then I’ll send your grandma back to the nursing house in person.”"Hope you can keep your words!"Tang Mengyu gave her an indifferent squint, turned around, but stopped when she was about to enter the hall. Pressing her jaw hard, she looked at Xue Zhupei intensely with an icy look. "I will marry Lu Zhengnan as you and your daughter wish, but this will also mark the end of our mother-daughter relationship! After that, if you dare to threa
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Chapter 8
Looking at the photo on the flaming red marriage certificate, Tang Mengyu put one of them into Lu Zhengnan's hand, smiled, and said to him, "Brother Lu, the photo of us is nice, especially you. Your eyes are so beautiful.""Really?" The man raised his eyebrows and smiled as well, but there was a trace of dissatisfaction. “So, don’t you think it is time to change your way of calling me?”Huh?Tang Mengyu was stunned for a moment, but she soon understood. She looked down at her feet and answered, "I...I'm not used to it yet...""It doesn't matter. If you are not used to addressing me as your husband, it's fine to call me Zhengnan, but no 'Brother Lu' anymore. We're already married.” Lu Zhengnan didn't mind it. He always wore a gentle smile when facing her, warm as the spring sunshine.There was really no way for Tang Mengyu to link this man in front of her with that cruel and tyrannical Lu Zhengnan in the rumor. Thus she forgot her fears for him and responded, "Sure, Zhengnan.""Co
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Chapter 9
Tang Mengyu got on the car, and it started moving slowly. She looked at the men next to her several times, with words stuck in her throat.Lu Zhengnan turned around, and his eyes fixed on her collarbone. For a moment, she seemed to see a bright glint coming out from those eyes, and she covered her neck subconsciously."You have something to tell me, right?" The man smiled and asked.Tang Mengyu widened her eyes. How could he know?"I heard you turned, breathing towards me with a slight noise of lips touching as they opened and closed," Lu Zhengnan explained with his smile.Tang Mengyu nodded awkwardly, scarcely able to conceal her astonishment. But she soon realized that he couldn't see her, so she replied, "You are so good at it! I do have something to say.""You don't have to worry about saying anything wrong to me." The smile at the corners of his mouth was extremely gentle.Tang Mengyu opened her mouth, "I want to ask you, since your fiancée and cousin both betrayed you, why
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Chapter 10
In the living room.Tang Mengyu met the elders of the Lu family one by one.Lu Zhiguo, the patriarch, took over a blue velvet brocade box from his servant. "Mengyu, here is Grandpa’s wedding gift for you. Come and see if you like it."Tang Mengyu obediently walked over and received the box with both her hands. "Thank you, Grandpa.""Open it and have a look. It's left by your grandma. She used to say that among her grandsons, whoever first gets married, his wife is supposed to have it." The patriarch raised his hand and rubbed at the sparse white beard on his chin, smiling all the time with his eyes half-closed.Lu Zhengnan raised the corners of his lips, facing Tang Mengyu and said, "This is Grandma's heirloom.""So valuable?" Tang Mengyu was about to open the box, but she hesitated, and her hand paused. "I..."Aunt Lu Zhengfen noticed her hesitation and smiled lovingly. "It's not valuable in the ordinary sense, but your grandmother said it would be given to someone who was dest
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