Lakeview: Falling for Brie

Lakeview: Falling for Brie

By:  MarieLuv  Completed
Language: English
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She brushes her tears away as she opens her door slamming it behind her. Taking off her shoes and throwing them in frustration across her living room. She runs up the stairs and into her room. Letting her body fall in her bed as she grips the sheets that still has the lingering smell of his scent. She grips his pillow as she falls asleep crying in her bed. (Chapt. 16- Take my Broken Wings)

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I really enjoyed this love story. I liked how uou ended it, it felt very fitting & perfect for this couple. The book could have used better editing & proofreading, but the tone, characterizations and pace were just right for this couple & their storyline. Thank you for an enjoyable read!
2022-01-20 05:45:59
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Arti Barua
Please update
2021-11-23 19:47:26
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Teresa Gurley
such a good book!
2021-06-17 03:41:20
default avatar
I am really enjoying this story line. When will it be updated or continued?
2021-01-30 06:38:37
40 Chapters
So I Can Kiss You Any Time I Want
AUTHOR’S NOTE: THIS CHAPTER MAY CONTAIN EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT. IF YOU ARE NOT OF AGE OR ARE NOT COMFORTABLE WITH THESE PASSAGES, PLEASE REFRAIN FROM READING THIS CHAPTER AND SKIP TO THE NEXT ONE. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION, AND I HOPE YOU ENJOY THE BOOK.✨✨Third person pov✨✨12-year-old Briana and Jake are sitting in the middle of Jake's living room couch, watching 'Sweet Home Alabama.'Brianna has always thought of Melanie as a beautiful independent girl. She hopes to one day grow up to be just like her.Jake reaches out to her holding her hand, gripping it tightly, as the movie begins. They are at the part where Jake kisses Melanie, right before they get close to getting struck by lightning."You see that Brie, that's us in the future.... one day, you're gonna be my wife."Her face becomes flushed, she can feel the heat of embarrassment creeping up on her face, and her cheeks become blotchy red. She slightly looks at him, his beautiful gray orbs full of brightness and love."W-
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Missing Her
✨✨Jake✨✨It's been almost three years since my best friend Brianna moved away to California. We were inseparable, did everything, and went everywhere together.She was one of the only people I was ever willing to open up to and be myself with. We went our separate ways when we graduated high school. She attends USC, and I'm attending MTSU- or Middle Tennessee State University.I have one year to graduate, along with my buddies Jeremy and Matthew. The three of us come from the same town, Lakeview. A small quiet countryside town. Most folks there have been living there from generation to generation.My family and Brie's included.I've been playing football here since my first year. We got recruited when we were in high school. I get scolded by the coach all the time. He and everyone always say I have a big temper and need to work on it. I really just don't have the patience for anyone's stupidities and their bullshit. I took up boxing a bit after Brie left for college. It helped me chan
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Love to Text Her
Jake's POVI have been working out like crazy since she left back to California. She came to see me for my birthday and since our birthdays are only three weeks apart, I got to have her here for her birthday this year too.she stayed here for a whole month, she came a week before my birthday and left a few days after her birthday.That particular event a few days after her birthday keeps playing in my head over and over. Call me stupid if you'd like, but I have never been the kind to like sleeping around with every girl that comes my way. I can't, most times, I can control my urges...but not when the right girl has been in front of my eyes all this time and I'm too much of a chicken to tell her the truth of how I feel.I have been keeping myself busy at my dad's ranch working nonstop so she's not in my mind. I figured the busier I am, the less time I have to think of her, it's just hard not to.Everything around here reminds me of her, the whole damn town reminds me of her. God, I'm lo
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Last Minute Shopping
Matthew's POVIt's our senior year of college, and we have been practicing like crazy all of July and August before school starts. The coach was pissed that I took off and went on vacation with my mom and her boyfriend Phillip in the middle of our practice time. I missed half of the practice this summer. He threatened to bench me in the first games; luckily, Jake spoke up for me, making the coach give me another chance. He really listens to him.We're in the week before school starts. Honestly, school starts tomorrow; Jake and I realized yesterday we haven't even bought anything for school. So we decided to go today to get our supplies. If it weren't for my mom and Jake's mom, who made us sign up for our classes during summer break, we'd be in trouble now, trying to get spots in style. We did that last year, and it wasn't pretty. We got stuck with a shitty schedule. I'm usually pretty good at getting up early, but today I got up really late. Practice was kicking our ass this year. The
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Missing Him
Brianna's POV I loved calling my brother, it always helped when I've had a long stressful day. He just always seemed to know what to say or do to brighten my spirit. With his cute smile, showing off his dimples, he reminds me so much of my grandpa back home. He hates it when I tell him he looks like a younger version of Matt Bomer, he always says "Matt Bomer's got nothing on me, I am way hotter!" Lol. I've been crazy busy lately. I don't like having a messy place to live in, so I've been really busy tidying up the place I'll be staying in. Luckily, I have dad and Olivia helping me out, and of course my beautiful nana, Tammy. My goal is to go into business with my dad and own my own
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Reunited With My Boys!
Brianna's POVI woke up to my alarm this morning. It read 6 a.m., ughhh. I was still feeling a bit tired, from all the last details we set up yesterday at the house. But none the less, I got up.I rushed and bathed quickly, still in a daze, I was more sleepy then awake. I brushed my teeth, added deodorant, sprayed my favorite Victoria's secret spray, love potion. My hair was naturally wavy and came down to my butt, but I wanted my hair sleek and straight today, so I dried it with my blow drier, then I quickly straightened it. I retouched my eyebrows a bit, did my mascara and nothing else for makeup.I loved that I had huge eyelashes thanks to my momma. So my main focus was always my eyes. I didn't like wearing powder or foundation since I'd forget a
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Meeting Phillip
Brianna's POVI was enjoying the rally, cheering the boys when they were called up on stage by their coach, I was feeling so proud of them. It was hard to see from the many people that were gathering to welcome this years football team.I decided to move, passing a really nice old lady who I had seen in admissions when I came in to register last month. I glanced at Jake same time he seemed to had spotted me, waiving towards me with a cheeky smile. That signature smile that a
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Walking On Thin Ice!
Brianna's POVI woke up around 4 in the morning. Although it wasn't daylight yet, I felt so well rested. I hadn't slept this good in a really long time.I realized I was still laying on the couch with Jake. I was laying on his side, my hand and head on his chest, our legs interlaced together. Our bodies pressed next to one other as I layed partially on top.I was nervous by our position. It took me back to our little incident a few weeks ago. I didn't want him getting the wrong idea of me if he woke up, although maybe I didn't mind.I didn't want to move away. I liked holding him like this, the feel of his warm embrace, his light stubble tickling my face, his soft snores tha
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Morning Coffee
Brianna's POV It must of been a few hours after Jake and I had fallen back to sleep. His soft lips still made their touch present on my skin and lips. I could never get used it. He makes my stomach go crazy as if I was going down a roller coaster head on. Making the vertigo make its presence with full force in the pit of my stomach. He was still sound asleep, I didn't want to wake him. He had his hair nicely shaved on the sides down with the top left a bit longer looking like Brad Pitt in the movie Furry. Although at this precise moment it was an unruly mess. I loved his hair style, it really suited him. He's had that same style hair since I could remember. He likes things unchanged and unrattled. Except for us... He rattles my soul every time. Oh, gosh, is
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The Girl With Aviator Glasses and Curly Hair
Third person's POVFriday morning before the start of school.Brianna and the boys had already made their way back to campus after having breakfast together. She was admiring the view of football players walking in to campus.... well, at least one football guy in particular.Vanessa was driving back to school from the nearby cafe where her and Carissa had gone up to have breakfast themselves. She informed Carissa she needed to pull over and pump gas before getting there.When she parked next to the nearest available pump, she spotted a girl who apparently looked lost.She was probably a new student. she thought it courteous to approach her asking her if she needed help. Finding out she was a new student after all.She was looking for direction towards the campus, whom she had tired away looking for it, attempt after attempt. She had just arrived today and she'd been drivin
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