7: Best Everything


My heart pounding in my ears, I laid flat on the floor. Eyes looking around the hall wildly trying to see if I can see anyone or where the shot came from.

I did my best to not look at the unmoving body on the floor. The body of the woman that was just speaking with me. As much as I tried to not see her, I couldn't stop feeling her blood that was drying too fast on my face.

A surge of adrenaline floods through me. It makes my already pounding heart almost seize.

Run. I yell to myself in my head but it doesn't help in making me move from the floor.

I know I need to get out of here. With no idea where Henry is or what held him this long.

I should get out here. Whoever hurt her might still be close and I'm making myself vulnerable.

I didn't train for months, pushed all my limits after all that has happened only to be killed on my first day back. I'm not even anywhere near my target and this might end, before it even starts.

No. I have to do this. I can't lose my chance before I ev
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