8: Masquerade Stranger


There are a few things I hate in this world. Dreya, and social gatherings.

I would have missed this masquerade but I got a tip that the woman who looked like Adriana will be here tonight. And when she comes, I’ll be here for her.

I know she is still alive. Her mental state is what I’m not sure of, and if she is even okay.

What Dreya did was dangerous, and any slight wrong move would have blown it all up in flames.

Now, that is where we would have a real problem.

I took a break to fully mourn my mate, now I am back for her and I’m vengeful.

“Aren’t you glad you decided to come out?” Daciana tugs on my arm, making me swivel to face her.

She chose to dress as Peresphone tonight, only she has a mask with flowers. I wasn’t in the mood for a party, talk less of one that required me to wear a mask. She understood that so she didn’t pressure me to dress up.

But since the requirement for attending is the mask, she got me one for the devil.

“No, I’m not.” I reply, keeping
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