9: Arrogant Male


I hear when he comes in. My back stiffened and my heart raced in my chest. My hands which have been cold the entire night are now sweaty and clammy.

I maintain my cool and wait for him to approach me.

We both know I know of his presence, not that it makes me acknowledge him. According to what mum said, his arrogance wouldn’t let him leave. Being ignored is one of the things he hated.

I hated men like that. Albeit, I haven’t met anyone like him in my current life. In the past, probably. Everyone in the pack is like family and they are humble.

His footsteps are loud in the quiet room. You can’t hear the sound of the party from here. That must be why mum picked this room.

I took in a small unnoticeable breath, reminding myself why I need to do this. I’m nothing like the Adriana he used to know. He should know this by the end of the night.

“Not a big party goer.” He says, coming to stand beside me.

“Mostly the ones where clothes are taken off in public.” My voice comes out cool an
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