Lycan King’s nemesis

Lycan King’s nemesis

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Red alert: This book is going to be full of erotic content. High sexual content, use of vulgar words and foul language. Thanks for the support of those that chose to proceed. “I know you are a werewolf and I know why you are here, but be rest assured I will never accept you as my fated mate and Luna queen. I, Newton Ashton Montgomery, hereby reject you as my fated mate.” “No, I will never accept your rejection, King!” Gwendolyn Hills grew up having everything she always wanted in life. Right from when she was a pup, she merely had to snap her fingers and get whatever it is. Every girl either wanted to be her or be her friend. The one thing she always looked forward to was her eighteenth birthday when she will shift to her wolf and become mated to her childhood crush and best friend, Julian, the incoming Alpha. Then on that very day, not only was she unable to transform, her once-perfect life fell apart before her eyes. In the snap of a finger, she became nothing but the pack’s new freak. When she had an encounter with the cold-hearted King of Lycan’s, her life further plunged deeper into a bottomless pit and this time, plunged with her heart. How is she going to fix the missing puzzles of her life, mend her broken heart and find true happiness in the midst of trying to find herself? Let's journey together to find out.

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124 Chapters
Chapter one
Thank you for choosing my book. I hope you find it captivating enough and do well to drop your kind words of support. Thank you. Xoxo 🌼🌼It's prom, the most anticipated day in the werewolf kingdom. Today, all the werewolves of mating age are mandated to assemble at the pack house at 10 pm, and when it is midnight we are going to shift to our wolves after which we will scent out our mates and together, head out to the school for prom. To most people, meeting their wolves made it special for them, but to me, it is not just about meeting my other half, it is even more important because I finally get to meet my mate."Gwendolyn!" I jerked up from the bed I was lying on reading and threw my book to the side as I rushed to wear my slippers. "Yes, mother!" I hurriedly left the room to the door. "What are you doing? it's almost time," She bickered, looking edgy as she gestured with her hands from the foot of the stairs."I just finished bathing, mother. I was about to dress up," I lied t
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Chapter two
I scoured through the entire pack ground in search of the distinctive giant grey wolf among the crowd. But I didn't see him. Where did Julian go? I knew I saw him on the podium with his parents and then in the snap of my eyes, he disappeared. There is no way he went inside.Retreating back to where my parents were standing, I didn't see them either. By now, my panic was climbing, bitterness taking a large position in my chest. I stood still, skimming my eyes about as some of my peer groups came out from changing into their prom wear and walked to their cars with their mates. I didn't have any. No wolf. No mate. I was the person that anticipated this day more, but now, I was the one without any. And my best friend is nowhere to be found. Nor my family. "Hey, freak!" I jumped and turned about, my eyes nearly falling out of their sockets when they fell on my three friends, Crayon, Barley and Dolly.Did Crayon just call me a freak? I chose to ignore that and plastered a fake smile to d
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Chapter three
I sped down the road recklessly with tears pouring without restraint as I headed to my house, finally heeding Alpha Kai's bidding to go home. There is no way I was going to that prom without the love of my life. Julian, with my sister? I still can't believe it. My head was blurred in confusion that I escaped being hit by another car, and hitting a truck before I finally got home. I rushed out, meaning to hide away in my room and cry my eyes out but the moment I reached the door and was about to push it open, I overheard my parents bickering and rapidly came to a halt to listen in. My parents hardly ever quarrelled, which meant this was something serious. " caused it, Kent. If we had told her all this wouldn't have happened. We should have prepared for this!" my mother blared in a shaky tone."I was only trying to protect her, Salome. What do you think she would have done when she found out, huh?""At least she will know... Now I can't even live with myself knowing we lied to h
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Chapter Four
(Gwen)When I left the house, I didn't know what I was doing or what I was going to do. All I knew was that I needed to be far from there. From my pack. Everyone. They all betrayed me. Including the moon goddess. She gave me everything I wanted and then in just one day, in just one night, ripped everything from me.I had entered my car-Julian’s car precisely- and had zoomed off.I didn't even know where I was going. I just drove. I drove until I reached the border between us and the humans but instead of driving there I reversed to the left and made for the formidable border we shared with the Lycans.They were a no-story when it came to the werewolf clan. We avoided them as much as we could because just as we were enemies to the vampires, we were more of an enemy to a Lycan. To be honest, I don't know what brought about the enmity, but the little I snatched from gossip, a Lycan Prince was once betrayed by a werewolf Alpha female on the night of their wedding. They had planned to mar
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Chapter Five
"What did you say?" He asked me in a voice meant to intimidate me.I shifted on the bed, my eyes skittering to the door in case he tried anything foul. "I said I am not going to accept your rejection." He scoffed, and loomed closer as his fist flexed as though he had it in his mind to squash me, then after an eerie silence, he let out a dark smirk, turned and stormed to the door."Where are you going?" I asked, tried to lift my head but fell back in pain. That is my mate walking away. I lost the love of my life only to find my mate and now he's just going to reject me and walk away like that? "Come back here!"The door slammed in my face and two minutes later, the lady from before came barreling in. This time she wasn't smiling. "What did you do to his majesty?""Excuse me?" "He was very cranky and ordered you are to be cared for and discharged immediately." She took my wrist and checked for something I didn't care for."Is he your King?The overall King, like the Alpha King?""Yes, a
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Chapter six
(Gwen’s pov)Escaping the hospital might have been the easiest mystery for me, but now that I was out, knowing where I'm going was the greatest challenge.As I stood by the corner close to a small bush overlooking the road watching people milling to and fro from their destinations, I was lost, my heart beating rapidly. I knew what would happen next. Those men will inform their King I had escaped and then he will declare me a rogue to be killed on the spot. Of course, he said it clearly, he didn't want me in his territory. Such hate that was reticent in his eyes. And he was supposed to be my savior. My mate. Tears stung my eyes but I reeled them in. This was not the time for this. I have to look for how to change out of this 'gothy' uniform I was wearing and look for something else that can't get anyone's attention easily. However, as much as I want that, I knew it can't be possible. Unless I want to risk being caught. I bit my lower lip, wishing I still had Julian's car with me.
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Chapter Seven
When the giant guards let us pass through the giant gates, the bus soon came to a stop not far from the gate and in the snap of a finger, men dressed like soldiers ran in an orderly manner to stand in front of the bus, barricading it from moving any further.My heart skipped a beat.The driver died the engines and slowly turned to face me. "As much I will like to see this one through, Lass, I beg your pardon but I don't think I have the effeontery to come face to face with the almighty sovereign."Why is he making it look like the man was some god? Wasn't it the same man I saw the other day? Or, is there another King apart from that one?I shook my head and tried to concentrate, panic in my voice. "Look, you can't leave me to...these people!" I craned my neck through the window to catch a glimpse of the men whose heads were almost reaching the louvres of the car. How can they be so huge?"I'm sorry, Lassie. But I have to go. Please go down." He concluded and reached his head out to s
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Chapter Eight
"Do you think it's possible to have the company opened before the full moon?" Williams asked me, grazing his hand on the fine breeds that we came to check out at the stables. He had come to inform me ten minutes ago that the fine stallions I ordered to be trained for my upcoming ranch business just arrived. It was one of the best news to be heard today because I have been looking forward to their arrival for weeks now.This is one secret between me and my Beta. My horse business. It was unheard of and can even be considered sacrilege for a King to be involved in the business of common people. Particularly, fickle-minded people like my mother. I will be toasted."I think I can handle it. Perhaps, after the wedding." I shifted to the next stallion, a black Arabian striker. I patted the ears, earning a face rub from the horse. There was something about this creatures that applied to my inner senses and seem to calm me. It reminds me of the little werewolf from the other day. I haven't t
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Chapter nine
An eerie silence existed between us as the door clicked close after his mother. I froze, only realizing then that I should have left with her instead of leaving myself at the mercy of the dangerous man before me.I expected him to attack me abruptly and beat the hell out of me as is typical of most mates when they don't desire you. What I didn't expect was for him to calmly stroll to the couch and collapse on it, exhaling in defeat as he hunched forward and wracked his long fingers through his brown shoulder-length hair.I swallowed hard, suddenly feeling guilty. Is it that bad? Perhaps, I shouldn't have told the mother all that I did. I was left with no choice when she asked if what I said to the guard was true. As though she charmed me-more like an entrancing spell that made me divulge everything to her-including the ones she didn't ask me."Are you happy now?" He asked in a brisk breezy tone that caused the air to stifle around me. Possibly, he could hear the sound of my heartbeat
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Chapter ten
The lady that came in turned out to be his younger sister as I suspected. She has been the one to stop our verbal brawl and had informed him their mother asked her to take me to my new chamber and get me settled.And the brute had punched the wall close to him which dipped under the force of the clash. But he didn't show any form of hurt as he whipped past me and slammed the door.It was happening like in the movies. One I didn't recover even as the lady guided me out of the house and led me through several halls and a spiralling staircase until we stopped in front of a brownish-black door and she pushed it open and led me in. "This is going to be your bedchamber...""Gwendolyn," I provided, understanding she didn't know my name. "Gwendolyn Hills." I finished."Wow, you have such a beautiful name, Gwen." I smiled, looking about. This room was gorgeous. Everything about this place screamed riches, fortune molded in plenty. Yet, I felt nought but abject emptiness.When I was a pup, my m
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