Derik POV

"I'm going to kill you" that was the last message I received from my husband, the case we're working on is a bad one. I had to stay in the station instead of coming home, knowing that Jaxon was home late too. That only means Mady gave him hell through the night and now. Although my work is done I'm scared to go home and face the music, it's almost dinner time for her, maybe if I make it back I can read her a good night story and win some brownie points with my husband. Finally managing to grow some balls, putting my brave face on, I went home.

"Honey I'm home" I call once I'm inside, I was welcomed by a little creature crawling toward me in just her diaper and a T-shirt.

"Dadaa!" she says holding both hands up wanting to be lifted up, I oblige, better keep the baby as a shield around Adrian.

"My baby princess" I say kissing her cheeks, hugging her close, it's only been one day but I missed her so much, she giggles and hug me back.

"Where's your daddy?" I ask still not seeing
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