Madlyn POV.

"Here's your cookie," daddy says handing me a cookie, t I grabbed the cookie from daddy, feeling a bit sad it was small but I was still very happy to be getting something other than milk for food. I internally wondered if the color was normal. Cookies should taste good so I didn't question it too much as I went and took a bite of the cookie it crumbled real easily, making it easier to bite and swallow the cookie, not chewing needed, but it was over too quickly

"I'm sorry baby, I can't give you more" daddy says wiping my face clean before leaving to get a bottle ready, my dinner.

"No wanna go sleep. Wanna wait for papa and dada!" I say the minute daddy comes back into the room, determined not to go to sleep. Food always makes me sleepy.

"Great" he mumbles under his breath before looking at me and asking "How about we have a call with papa?" he suggests. That seemed reasonable so I nodded and agreed to his suggestion, I really miss my papa, he's the one who reads me a bedti
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