Madlyn POV.

I woke up in my crib, I remember waking up hungry during the night and dada giving me another bottle, sneaky daddies! They had me sleeping in the crib instead of their bed, I love their bed, I never had a bed before.

I decided that I'm enjoying this way too much, my stomach stopped hurting, I don't have to run or search for food, well I'm happier here than I ever way back home with my birth parents. Why were they so against coming to be an alien baby? I cried out for them wanting out and needing a change, I'm not proud that I keep wetting myself, but they don't seem to mind having to change me. I didn't even try taking off the diaper as I knew since they changed the diapers I use I can't take them off myself, stupid diapee!

"Okay Mady, papa is coming" I heard dada's voice saying from their room, I guess it's papa's turn to change me, I went from having a dad...and now I got three daddies who loves me, I think I won here.

"Good" yawn" Morning princess," he says picking me u
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