Madlyn POV.

This morning was different, Olivia dressed me in a new onesie, that's what my clothes are called. She brushed my hair with too much force as usual and added a hairband to them. Finally she carried me downstairs to some kind of an office, and told everyone to line up. When I was too slow to do that she pinched my thigh bringing tears into my eyes. I had my head low the whole time until I saw some random people walk in.

When I noticed people walk in I looked up, wondering what is going on. I stayed quiet though and just observed the people coming in. Some looked nice and others looked like they would be mean to everyone they meet.

"Derek we've already been to every adoption house there is" a guy says, he looked nice wearing some fancy clothes, while the guy who must be Derek had a big frown on his face and was dressed like the people who usually chase us.

I was so scared I took a step back, what if he came to take me out of here too, Olivia isn't the best but she's not the worse either.

Taking another step back I stumble on someone, this one wasn't dressed like those two, he went down ond knee and looked me in the eyes.

"Are you okay princess?" The new guy asks me.

He doesn't look as scary as the other ones, I just mumble the word scared, something I'm not supposed to do. Never show your fear not in front of them especially.

The guy tries to reach up for me, to hold my hand, which got the other two attention, even while standing tall I only reached their hips, well I don't even reach Derek's hip. This was way too scary for me, without thinking I started crying letting the thing inside me take over, mom always taught me not to cry, but I'm scared, screw it all.

"Hey little princess don't cry" the first guy says lifting me off the ground, now that I was much higher than the floor, I cling to him still crying, the other two got closer scaring me even more now.

"Excuse me" the guy holding me calls to someone.

"Is she okay?" he asks, I look up to see it's Olivia, she never holds me nicely, she always manhandles me, it's why I prefer to walk.

"Nightmare just loves to cry" she says, hey! No fair, she always makes me cry.

"Nu nightmawe" the word left my lips sounded weird, I never talk this way.

"What's her name?" the guy next to Derek asks.

"Madlyn" Olivia answers for me, I have stopped crying now, just sniffling.

"Hey Madlyn, I'm Adrian, that scary guy over there is Derek and this one is Jaxon" the guy holding me introduce them to me, I just nod still holding to Adrian for dear life, he's the only one who seems nice.

"Would you like to go home with us princess?" Adrian asks, that made me freeze, home with a Zohalian, mom and dad always said they'll torture us. That never get caught or they'll make you their baby forever, but if I say no he'll give me back to Olivia, I'll show her a nightmare, try being forced to pee yourself every day.

"Wes" I whisper in the same voice, I'd love for them to take me away, if I don't like it there I'll just run away.

"Let's go get the paperwork done" Adrian says.

"Jaxon favorite job" Derek adds pushing Jaxon to another room while the two of them stay with me asking questions to Olivia.

"How is she?" Derek asks.

"One" "Fifteen" me and Olivia answer in the same time, I glare at her I'm not one.

"She's the youngest I see" Adrian adds.

"Yeah, we rarely get one this young, she got worms in her stomach, a big temper, refuse to use her diaper, she's a pure nightmare as you can see" Olivia says, I couldn't hold myself anymore, I stick my tongue at her.

"You little" she says angrily taking few steps toward me, I get scared and hide my face into Adrian face, he and Derek shield me away from her.

"She's ours now" Derek says in a very cold voice scaring me, well maybe Olivia isn't bad after all, she can forgive me.

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