Adrian POV.

Things aren't going well for our family, we've gone through another bad episode, Jaxon bad temper got the best of him, he hasn't meant what he said. The reporter knew what she's talking about, she knew it's a sensitive topic, she asked about kids, why we don't have one yet.

We are a polyamory family, meaning there's three of us, all of us are males, it's me, Adrian I'm the one only one who stays at home during the day, Jaxon my husband he's a governor, and finally there's Derek he's a police detective.

The question was a bit tricky, it's a sensitive topic for us, we want a child, we all wanted to have one but with Jaxon work, Derek being busy and working overnight we couldn't have it yet. We don't want a child who'd only recognize two of her or his daddies over the pictures and brief meetings.

I would be devastated and crushed under the pressure, lot's of relation and marriages get broken when only one partner takes full responsibility of the littles. We decided to take it slow, but then the question came, the reporter didn't stop at offending him or his parenting skills since he had no little or child yet.

She called him, us, the whole family racist, she said we hate humans, when Jaxon lost it, they took his anger as hate toward the humans not as being framed by the reporter. As a family we had to make a decision together, how to get out of this, Jaxon's picture is ruined and it's terrible for his career. We decided it's time to get a little, it's a good move to show Jaxon isn't against a human little, he's a good father, he'll have to put some effort into it to find time for that.

Derek also promised to cut down on his working hours unless he really needs to, we didn't mind if we ended up adopting a girl or a boy, but deep inside I was hoping for a girl, we could use a princess around here to keep us company.

We first had to get our papers ready for adoption, our home was checked few times to make sure we have everything ready, I wasn't stepping down about having a baby, we're going to do this the correct way and that means the princess would have to start her journey with us from the beginning.

Next, there was the doctor's check, they checked all three of us physically making sure we are good to take care of a little someone. It wasn't until we got to the feeding part, humans need nutrition, our food is too heavy for them. Most littles prefer to be breastfed by their mommies but daddies can do it too if they want to.

"I'll do it" I tell the doctor making both of my mates turn to me, this is a great way to get our chance to adopt higher, I'm the stay-at-home husband, I can do it since I'll spend the most time with the little.

"I'll get you the pills prescription," the doctor says nodding his head, my husbands kept it quiet until we made it home, they lost it on me.

"Why did you that?" Jaxon asks mad, he always had this temper of his but I wasn't letting this go.

"Shut it Jax!" I yell at him, I never yell back or call him off but this time, this thing is connected to the whole family.

"Adrian" Derek tries to get in the middle, I held my hand up, we all need to do our part of the job.

"You two need to do your part to this family, your reputation is helping us adopt, let me do my part. We'll get a better chance if we go natural" I tell them.

Adoption isn't that easy anymore, there are not many of humans left on our planet and the ones coming from the earth aren't that many, we need to try our best to get one.

"How did I get so lucky?" Jaxon asks looking at me with a smile, while Derek kept quiet but he had this look in his eyes, they both gave me a hug crushing me in the middle it's settled, we're going to start looking through adoption houses until we find her.

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