Adrian POV.

I needed a night off, having a little is a big responsibility especially one who been feeding nonstop for the last twenty-four hours. Her appetite is back for sure, she needs all the nutrients she can have but without my partner's help, I was doomed for a blackout. They took her to the park while I showered and got ready, couldn't wait to see my little princess, only been a night but feels like forever.

When they got home she wiggled and struggled in her papa's arms wanting down when he let her go she ran toward me.

"That's my pretty princess," I say picking her off the floor, they hardly got home and she slipped away, I wonder how those two were able to keep an eye on her the whole day, but thankfully they did.

"Daddy we went to the park! I pwayed with the swings" she tell me all excited about her journey there, I was a bit jealous that I didn't join her on her first park adventure, but sleep was needed.

"Was you good for dada and papa?" I ask her she just nod her head
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