Madlyn POV.

After the doctor's visit, I was feeling extremely fussy, tired, and hungry. I didn't like the idea of the whole daycare, why do I need to go, but dada was promising me to have fun there.

"Papa I hungry" I whined, I'm starving, they didn't even feed me in so long.

"We'll be home soon baby why don't you munch on some of your snacks?" Papa replies, they always pack snacks for me but I didn't want the bland biscuits! I wanted Chocolate or pancakes!

"Nuuu papa! Want pancakes or Chocolate. No snacks!" I said, not even grabbing the snacks that he mentioned.

"It's a long drive home, and it'll take me some time to make you pancakes, eat your snacks for now" he says, he's mean, I don't like him no more, I turned to daddy for help he's the one who usually helps.

"Daddy hungwy" I say tears going down my face now, I'm starving, I even made the puppy-eyes daddy can't resist, his whole face softened seeing my sad puppy eyes.

"Derek, how about we go to a diner? Mady rarely get to eat ou
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